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Tuition   COMPLETE ONLINE COURSE - Online access + 24-hour assistance/job placement assistance plus complete book package and
Transcriber equipment[What is transcriber equipment?] included)(US) $1530.00 + $35.00 S/H($965.00 PAY IN FULL DISCOUNT)

**If you prefer the CD/book version, please email us**
**If you do not see a pay plan that suits your needs, you may be eligible for our income based discount, please click the link on the above menu to view details.**

CAI Medical Transcription offers one of the most affordable at home complete online medical transcription courses on the market today! We are also always striving to meet student needs while at the same time keeping up with technology changes. Because of this, CAI now offers our previous Book/CD course online. The online version consists of the same home study course we have used in the past and also includes all physical reference materials plus the added online access allowing electronic correction. So, we not only offer one of the most affordable, comprehensive courses today, but also offer the most technologically advanced programs. CAI is also an approved distance learning course by the NJ State Department of Education, so you can be assured we provide the appropriate training needed to become a successful medical transcriptionist.

Since our course is a distance learning program it is available nationwide, so you don't have to live in NJ in order to enroll. Our name and certificate are also recognized around the country for providing well trained transcriptionists that are work ready and placed in at home positions around the country. We are also able to offer our course at an affordable price because our ultimate goal is not profit driven, but education driven. We also continue to offer assistance to all our students and graduates on a more personal level. You don't have to contend with phone menus, a different email address for each department, or talk to a different person every time you have a question or concern. And we still have a large network of graduates that drop us lines from time to time not only to fill us in on their progress, but to keep us informed of any new opportunities for upcoming graduates. Unfortunately, in today's fast paced technological world, this type of service is almost unheard of and very much appreciated by students and graduates alike.

Our pledge is to keep the education first and foremost making certain all of our graduates are ready to begin working upon graduation. And, we are able to maintain this type of quality education by our consistent availability to students and graduates meeting all their needs and addressing all their concerns during the learning process, job process, and any time they may need advice during their career. We are also different in that we offer an unlimited completion time frame....an initial one year completion with a month-to-month extension if needed. (click here for further information) This means you can study at your own pace and work your studies around your own schedule. There are no extra components, advanced levels, tapes, modules, reference books, or computer software to buy. Also, the students who successfully complete the course and examination may have the opportunity to participate in nationwide job placement testing for at home positions for MT service companies located around the country with a 98% job placement rate to date. So, CAI not only provides quality affordable training, but the required training necessary to begin working at home as a medical transcriptionist. We also provide quality assurance with our 7-day money back guarantee/30-day tuition refund policy - click for details


Medical transcription is one of the fastest-growing professions in the country today as stated by the U.S. Department of Labor. It is ranked #14 in the top 25 professions and is ranked as a #1 home based career. "Employment of medical transcriptionists is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2015" says the U.S. Department of Labor. Why such a rapid growth in this profession you might ask? This continuous growing demand for medical transcriptionists is attributed to a growing and aging population. Older age groups receive greater numbers of medical tests, procedures, etc. This growing demand is also spurred by the need for electronic documentation that can be easily accessed by providers, third-party payers, consumers, etc. Also, with the usual and customary medical insurance coverage for consumers now being managed healthcare, it is pertinent and of the utmost importance to be certain that every medical detail is documented both accurately and efficiently. This would then provide the most updated information available to healthcare insurance providers and other healthcare professionals that may be involved in a patient's care giving process in order to prevent treatment from being delayed or miscalculated due to lack of information available.

The good news for the medical transcription profession is that even more job opportunities will become available over the next few years. As a matter of fact, as of 2010, it is estimated that there is a shortage of 35,000 medical transcriptionists in the US.

So in summary, the medical transcriptionist will always be the main component in creating the medical record more so than ever before whether it be transcribing, editing, or both.


The advancements in speech recognition technology are not projected to reduce the need for medical transcriptionists because they will still be needed to review and edit drafts for accuracy in the event a particular healthcare provider is able to use such technology. In spite of the advances in this technology, it has been difficult for the software to grasp and analyze the human voice and the diversity of both the English language and the medical language in its entirety. Because the final medical record that a medical transcriptionist produces is of the utmost importance in the current and ongoing treatment of patients, this technology is not considered accurate enough to rely on. Because errors on such documents could be detrimental in the long run for most healthcare professionals and/or the patients themselves, most will not risk the unreliability versus the cost reduction.

Our course not only teaches you the medical transcription fundamentals, but also the editing techniques that are instituted through the use of speech technology. So, you not only become a full fledged medical transcriptionist, but also possess the skills to be able to edit documents in the event such technology is implemented by your employer. In summary, you must become a skilled medical transcriptionist before you can be employed as an editor. Many schools offer editing as a separate course, hence they can charge for two separate courses when in reality transcribing and editing go hand in hand during the training process. We at CAI incorporate both into one course. We do not charge for transcription and then editing. We also do not offer different courses at different levels; something many schools have done to generate further profit. We offer you the full package so you will be ready to enter the field of employment fully prepared to take on any task.


Choosing a medical transcription training course can be quite confusing for most people since they do not know exactly what is necessary to train for this profession coupled with the fact that there are no concrete guidelines to follow. Many courses today take advantage of that fact and add a lot of unnecessary components to justify their high price.
Because of the affordability of our course, many people tend to think that we sacrifice quality. When in reality, our course represents quality at an affordable price. It is priced accordingly, not over priced.
Our course only offers the necessary components for proper training in this profession. We take a totally realistic approach to training. We focus on the two main aspects of learning this profession; learning the medical terminology and hands on practice doctor dictation. Also, in choosing to take an at home course, this also teaches you the independent work skills necessary to begin working at home right out of training. We have been training successful medical transcriptionists for over eleven years now. Not only do we train, but we assist our graduates with placement in at home positions with many national medical transcription service companies following completion of their training. Our bottom line is not profit, but a quality education that leads you directly into the work force.
Using 20 year's of experience and expertise in all aspects of this profession, we have designed a complete no-nonsense course that takes approximately three to six months to complete depending on your individual schedule, which will ready you for entry into this profession. If you can devote at least three hours per day to study, you can complete in less than six months. There are no gimmicks, no catches, no stipulations, and no requirements to buy anything else. We offer affordable payment plans and various payment options. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau of South Jersey and the BBB Online (click on the BBB link at the bottom of this page) so you can be assured quality and satisfaction.


The question of certification? There are no mandatory certification programs for medical transcription governmental or otherwise. There is an exam given by the (AHDI) formerly the AAMT, which is not recommended until you are working in the field for at least two years. This is basically a personal choice and will not guarantee more money or job opportunities. The AHDI is a private organization attempting to provide more universal guidelines in this profession, however, there are no governmental organizations that provide or require certification for this profession. No school is required to be on the AHDI website. This again is a personal choice and does require a fee. We, however, are required to go through a yearly licensure/approval by the Dept. of Education, the same governmental agency that approves our colleges and universities, which some schools are not. This further provides you as a student assurance of our qualifications and ability to offer our program. Basically, in short, most employers prefer that you complete a reputable medical transcription course that will provide you with the skills necessary to perform your job. If you can show you have those skills, your chances of getting hired are assured.
Don't I need in-depth individual one on one training? The fact is medical transcription is basically performed independently. In the beginning, you will probably receive some sort of training assistance until you become acclimated to your new job, but the fact is that most at home workers have very little contact with their employers. The independent skills necessary to fulfill your job duties are expected to be refined during the training process not during the work process. Because of that requirement, we provide a totally self-contained, independent course, which allows you to refine those skills during your training bringing you that much closer to working at home following completion of training. Our students are proof of that. They rarely have the need to contact us and proceed through the program smoothly and independently. It is that easy to follow. Our track record of graduate placement is also further proof that our training program gets the job done.
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We have 20+ years of experience in every aspect of this profession. We teach you as a mentor would teach their student, from experience. The director and developer of the course has been a medical transcriptionist for over 20 years and continues in the field to date not only as an instructor, but also owns her own medical transcription service that also employs CAI graduates.

Because the director of CAI has over 20 years work experience in total including 7-years working for one of the largest national medical transcription service companies in the country, the course is taught with the quality and guidelines a top service would expect from their transcriptionists. Also, because the director runs her own MT service company presently hiring graduates to work directly for CAI, we are able to keep all our students apprised of the ever-changing technology and updates in the transcription field. The course we teach is as close to the actual way you would perform medical transcription in an at-home or office environment. It also provides the necessary training to prepare you for the recruitment testing offered by many transcription service companies for nationwide at-home positions. Because the director knows first hand what is expected from transcriptionists working from home, we know exactly how much training is required to not only get the job, but also hold on to the job. The fact is, actual experience and expertise has gone into this course coupled with the fact that we have established a remarkable reputation for not only providing excellent training, but placing our students in at home positions upon graduation.
We also train on the most up to date equipment that the majority of employers institute today, so you can make a smooth transition directly into the work place thus providing the necessary skills and knowledge to enter into the job market of "today".


CAI provides the tools and angles to secure employment. We give recommendations accordingly when requested. We provide a graded certification to all that pass the exam. We will pass on any job opportunities to our graduates that we come across in the business. We have developed open communication and contact with many companies who hire medical transcription graduates, and we are in the position to recommend placement of our graduates. We provide the gateway for our graduates to have the opportunity to test for job placement with many companies that employ at home workers on a national level. Many of these companies waive experience requirements for CAI graduates and because we consistently send companies skilled,qualified graduates, these companies contact us looking for more candidates. Each year, we are able to add more and more opportunities to our list because of that reason. We do not just say we will help you find a job, we actually do it! We also offer a mentor program should you require further training or are having difficulty passing the exam. That not only means training but tutoring should you require it. We are also pleased to announce that as of our 12th anniversary, we have averaged 98% job placement of our graduates in at home positions. This alone speaks for the level of education our students receive......well-trained and job ready!
We want all of our students to succeed in the training and to acquire employment. If you need our help, we will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. We offer service and support 24 hours a day on line via email or via our toll free number Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m EST. We respond promptly and you are never kept waiting. We take a lot of pride in providing the most efficient service possible during and after the training period. Just visit our testimonial board link above to email graduates or visit our MT Chat board to speak directly to students and graduates. This more than adequately will prove the kind of training and service we provide. Allowing you access to speak with our students and graduates directly shows the confidence we have in our program. They will tell you that our school is the "real thing" and we have the employed graduates to prove it.
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Because of the ever-growing at-home opportunities and the ability to earn a great paycheck, the medical transcription profession has become a focus of great interest. Unfortunately, because of this new interest, many courses have used this to justify the exorbitant prices they are charging for training. This reflects negatively on courses like ours that are comparable and priced accordingly because consumers then tend to question the quality of the course by its price.
Our long term goal is to turn this overpricing trend around and bring medical transcription training back to its main objective in providing quality educational training accessible to all. And even though there may be some courses out there as you surf the Internet that are much lower priced than our course, many of these tend to provide minimal training leaving you without the necessary skills to enter the work force directly out of the course. If a course cannot provide you with sufficient training to begin working, which is the ultimate goal of any student, then it may not be the course you are looking for. The need for workers is already there, so if you are serious about joining this profession, have the typing and spelling abilities necessary to complete our training, and follow the guidelines and recommendations we provide for securing a job, you can be successful!

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