Exam Order

If you have completed your entire program, you may order your exam online below. Once you have received your grade, if you are on a month-to-month extension, it will be your responsibility to contact us to discontinue your access to the study site; this is not automatic since some graduates wish to have access to the study site to practice during the job placement process. If you do not contact us in writing to discontinue, charges will continue to be billed until we hear from you to discontinue.

Your exam will be sent to you via email, so be sure to provide us with an updated email address upon ordering. Also, please be sure to email us verification that you in fact received the exam. Instructions will be included regarding completion and return of your completed exam.

Note: Part of your enrollment is completing your exam and receipt of your grade. If your enrollment is about to expire on or about the date you order your exam, you MUST apply for the month-to-month extension. If you are on a month-to-month extension already, this will continue until you receive your final grade. This is clearly outlined in our school policy which is available for review on the study site within the Welcome Binder - Page 6.

Upon submitting my exam order below, I fully attest that I have completed the course in total and am fully prepared to take this exam. I do understand that if I fail this exam due to the fact that I did not complete the course or devote enough study time in order to prepare myself for the exam, which will be validated by my study logs, I will not be given another opportunity to retest.

*Please allow 7 days for receipt of exam*

EXAM ONLINE ORDER - $89.00 + $8.00 Processing fee