Our Experience

We have 20+ years of experience in every aspect of this profession. We teach you as a mentor would teach their student, from experience. The director and developer of the course has been a medical transcriptionist for over 20 years and continues in the field to date not only as an instructor, but also owns her own medical transcription service that employs CAI graduates.

Because the director of CAI has over 20 years work experience in total including 7-years working for one of the largest national medical transcription service companies in the country, the course is taught with the quality and guidelines a top service would expect from their transcriptionists. Also, because the director operates her own medical transcription service company, we are able to keep all our students apprised of the ever-changing technology and updates in the transcription field.

The course we teach is as close to the actual way you would perform medical transcription in an at-home or office environment. It also provides the necessary training to prepare you for the recruitment testing offered by many transcription service companies for nationwide at-home positions. Because the director knows first hand what is expected from transcriptionists working from home, we know exactly how much training is required to not only acquire the job, but also keep the job. The fact is, actual experience and expertise has gone into this course coupled with the fact that we have established a remarkable reputation for not only providing excellent training, but placing our students in at home positions upon graduation.

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