Because of the ever-growing at-home opportunities and the ability to earn a great paycheck, the medical transcription profession has become the focus of great interest. Unfortunately, because of this new interest, many courses have used this to justify the exorbitant prices they are charging for training. This reflects negatively on courses like ours that are comparable and priced accordingly because consumers then tend to question the quality of the course by its price. Our long term goal is to turn this overpricing trend around and bring medical transcription training back to its main objective in providing quality educational training accessible to all. And even though there may be some courses out there as you surf the Internet that are much lower priced than our course, many of these tend to provide minimal training leaving you without the necessary skills to enter the work force directly out of the course. If a course cannot provide you with sufficient training to begin working, which is the ultimate goal of any student, then it may not be the course you are looking for. The need for workers is already there, so if you are serious about joining this profession, have the typing and spelling abilities necessary to complete our training, and follow the guidelines and recommendations we provide for securing a job, you can be successful!

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