Pay As You Go
Due to the economic hardship many families have faced over the past few years, we now offer a pay as you go option. How this works is the down payment is $330.00 plus $35.00 s/h which covers all books, equipment, and software. You then will be charged $50.00 per month for as many months as you need to have access to the online study site to complete the program. (Student will be charged this fee until he/she has received their final grade or if they request to discontinue the program). The $50.00 per month equates to less than $2.00 per day and will never be increased no matter how long you take to complete the program. So, if you complete in three months, you only pay $150.00 for the tuition portion of the course, six months, $300.00 and so on. This then allows you to take as little or as long as you need to complete the program. Average completion time spending 2-3 hours per day studying equates to about 6 months, but if you can spend more hours studying, you can complete in less time and save tuition costs with this option.

In offering this type of tuition program, which is not offered at any other school, this gives you the student control over your tuition cost. You have the ability to save tuition and it provides you, the student with the incentive to complete the program that much sooner.

Pay As You Go Guidelines

Our pay as you go tuition requires a down payment of $330.00 plus $35.00 s/h. Student receives all physical materials including equipment. Student must provide us with a debit or credit card whereby they will then be charged $50.00 per month to access the online study site to complete the program and receive their final grade. This $50.00 per month will be charged on a monthly basis until the student receives his/her final grade. If a student wishes to discontinue the program at any time, they will be charged nothing further and will receive an incomplete grade. Course materials are only returnable within our 7-day refund policy guideline. Discontinuing the program any time after that, the student retains all course materials.

Monthly fees will be charged on the date the student enrolls. Example: If a student enrolls on the 21st of the month, the $50.00 fee will automatically be charged the following 21st of the month and every 21st thereafter. The $50.00 fee will continue to be charged until the student contacts us in writing stating that they wish to discontinue or take a hiatus for no more than six months from their studies. This must be received no less than seven (7) days prior to the date your account will be charged the monthly fee. Once the fee is charged, it cannot be refunded. If your charge date falls on a weekend or holiday, your card will be charged on the prior business day.

If for any reason the card the student provides is declined, they will be contacted via email and if we do not receive a response within 24 hours, a $35.00 late fee will be added to the monthly charge. If we do not hear from the student within sevem (7) day's time once the late fee is added to their monthly charge, we will have no further obligation to the student and his/her enrollment will be terminated.

Once you receive your study materials and wish to return the course within our 7-day return policy, please review Guarantee with regard to study material refund guidelines by clicking on Guarantee listed on the navigation bar on the web site.

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