Family Sharing Program
At CAI, we are constantly striving to make our medical transcription program available to all without having to put the extra financial burden on families that are interested in two family members enrolling. Because of that, we have come up with our family sharing program. How this works is one course package is purchased. If pay in full option (12 month) is chosen, there is a $100.00 discount for the first student. The second family member living in the same household only pays the tuition fee ($600.00) plus a $35.00 application fee. For Pay as you go option, $330.00 + $35.00 S/H is paid up front and then the second family member pays $150.00 + $35.00 application fee and then $50.00 per month for as long or as little as needed to complete the program. Both family members are enrolled as individual students and the course materials are shared, except the textbook is issued to each student. Proof of residency is required in order to be eligible for this program.

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