CAI Helping Hand Scholarship Program

Over the years, I have been blessed and fortunate as a medical transcriptionist, which later led me into becoming an instructor in the medical transcription training industry. Time and time again, I have received letters from people desperately wanting to get into this profession yet unable to afford the training cost. With the cost of education in every profession skyrocketing over the years, this leaves a large percentage of the population unable to afford training. Because of this, I have instituted our Helping Hand Scholarship Program for those less fortunate. Each year, I award several full scholarships to those unable to afford the tuition fees.

How the Program Works
The next scholarship will be awarded April 2018.
All prospective applicants must meet specific qualifications in order to be considered for the scholarship as follows:

  • You must be able to type at least 50 to 55 wpm.
  • You must possess good spelling/grammar/punctuation skills.
  • Although a medical background would be a plus, this is not necessary to qualify.
  • All applicants must be totally truthful in divulging their financial status.
  • How to Apply

    Send a typewritten letter explaining why you would like to become a medical transcriptionist. In doing so, please mention any work qualifications you possess that would be an asset if chosen for the program. This would include computer skills, typing speed, English language skills, etc. Please do not include any medical or personal issues other than financial as we choose solely on a combination of qualifications and financial need. Please include detailed financial status. This should include total household yearly income along with total monthly expenses, so we can get a more precise picture of financial need. Social security numbers for all contributing members of the household are required for income verification. If possible, the first page of your most recent Income Tax Return would suffice as verification.

    Each applicant must also supply two letters of reference from someone you have known more than two years to attest to your character. Letters must include the person's name, email address, and phone number. All of the above will be accepted by physical mail only. No email applications or letters of reference will be accepted via email.

    Pertinent Information Required
    Please provide your full name, address, telephone number, and email address where you can be reached in the event you are chosen for the program. Also, provide any pertinent educational qualifications that would be pertinent to this profession.


  • Application must be typewritten; no handwritten applications or letters of reference will be accepted.
  • If all of the above noted information is not included, the application will be rejected.
  • Program open to US residents only.
  • This is an equal opportunity; age, race, religion, or sex have no bearing on eligibility.
  • Chosen applicant will be given (6) six months to complete the program. Should they not complete within that time period, they would be required to return all course materials at his/her own expense so that someone else will be able to benefit from this opportunity.
  • All applications must be received no later than 4/15/2018 in order to be considered for the present scholarship program.
  • Late applicants will be disqualified and then must reapply for the next scholarship award.
  • Other Information

    Only winners of the program will be notified via email within (8) eight weeks from the deadline date. If we cannot reach you via email, we will select another applicant. So, be sure to provide a valid email address. Applicants that did not win will not be notified. If you do not hear from us, you were not chosen.

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ: Because we do not wish to be bias in any way in choosing the winner, we ask that you refrain from personally contacting us via mail, phone, or email with questions about the program. We have clearly written all rules and instructions. If you do contact us, you will be disqualified from applying for the program. **Presently enrolled students are not eligible for this program.**

    Please mail all applications to: CAI Medical Transcription, 116 Stillwater Road, Barnegat, NJ 08005 - Attn: Scholarship Program

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