Hi Cheryl,
I wanted to thank you again for your course. I have had two people ask me about where I had taken my training since I finished. I appreciate the thoroughness without the expense of a reference library and unncessary fluff. I was offered a job after I submitted my online tests and will begin after my platform training on Saturday. I appreciate your encouragement and commitment to your students.

All the best to you and your staff,
Sandy Pettyjohn

Follow-up from Sandy Pettyjohn
Hi Cheryl (and Staff),
Previously, I had let you know that I was hired in February. I am loving it. Especially the blessing of working from home.

I am not certain of industry practice, however, I attended training February 20th. Submitted 3 practice jobs and then they certified me for live work. Started live work February 25th on full review. As of April 13th, off review and on to direct send with an average accuracy of 99.45 on my audited reports.

I imagine you and the CAI team receive an enormous amount of feedback full of praise and thanks, however, in case there have been any feelings of heaviness in all that you do, know that I am presenting thanksgiving in prayer.

Have a wonderful June and more!

Sandy Pettyjohn

Hi, Cheryl!
I just wanted to thank you again for running such a wonderful MT course. I have come across so many new graduates struggling to find jobs, upset because they paid so much for a lengthy course, and they were just thrown out into a tough industry to fend for themselves. I always recommend CAI to aspiring MTs, and I really appreciate your affiliate program as well.

I had my 3rd baby 6 months ago, and right now I am working on my own. I am branching out into legal and general transcription, because I have gained some experience in those fields through family. (My dad and grandfather are lawyers, and my sister is an editor for an on-line publication.) I will still do medical work if I come across it too. The transcription skills I gained from your course and my subsequent work experience cross over nicely to these fields as well. Thank you again your course and your honesty integrity in this business!

Liz Tappan

Given you are on this website, I assume you are mulling over the idea of becoming a medical transcriptionist. What I have to say is go for it! With so many different training programs out there telling you this and that it is hard to say what is a scam in terms of money and training but look no further, CAI is an honest and beneficial investment in your future that you will truly not regret. I am currently a full-time college student and found time to train over the summer while working part-time and got through the program in around 3-4 months. The time is not what truly matters but what made the most difference for me was that the training made me confident in my transcription skills once I was done with the program which at times did become quite difficult but was well worth it. Also, throughout the entire program CAI was always there to help with any question that I had or just to offer support if I needed words of encouragement and they did so in a very quick manner. To top this all off, when I was done with the final exam CAI helped me find a job working from home and part-time in the evenings so that I can go to class during the day. I am making great money and getting faster and better every day, not to mention I work with the friendliest group of people I could imagine. Taking this program has to be the best decision that I have ever made. Thank you CAI!

Hope you are doing well! Thank you so much for everything! You and your program have really made a positive impact in my life. :)

Dana Grimm

I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to Cheryl Izzo and the staff at CAI for all they have done in helping me achieve a new career in the medical transcription field, one that I absolutely love. I am married with six children. We spent 5 years as missionaries to Nepal and India. After returning to the states, I needed to go to work to help our family financially, but found working outside of the house next to impossible. I looked into all the various medical transcription programs online but they all seemed expensive. The basics of the CAI medical transcription program really impressed me. I was both humbled and honored to receive the CAI medical transcription scholarship award. I was so excited to begin my studies and eventually my new career. The doctor’s dictations were difficult, but I found the one year time frame was ample time to complete the program, even with all the family responsibilities I had. I had to take some time off studying to deal with a medical condition for my daughter, but was able to get back on track again without any problem. Studying the program with everything else going on was difficult, but as we always tell our kids, all hard work leads to profit. I had passed the exam and found a job one month later. I found a job locally just by word of mouth. A friend of mine said she knew someone in the medical transcription field that had more work than she could handle. That person gave me a tape to type and was really impressed at how well I did on my first tape. She said I must have had some good training!! I think I got the best. The interaction and information from the other students through the discussion board was a great help and encouragement during the program. Cheryl Izzo’s personal interest in my success in the program and in finding a job is a reflection of CAI and is what sets it apart from any other medical transcription program. Thank you Cheryl Izzo and all the staff at CAI!

Cheryl Sokol, CAI Graduate

Hi Cheryl,

This is a long-overdue email to thank you for helping me to find a position. I have been working for a little over a month, and I really enjoy the work. I am still learning and am slower than I would like to be, but I get a little faster every week, and I hope to see a bigger paycheck as a result.

Anyway, I really appreciate all of your support, both during the course and the subsequent job search.

Warm regards,
Amanda Tombarelli

Dear Cheryl,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your course which I recently completed. To anyone who is considering CAI as a choice of schools, I highly recommend it! After researching several school options, I decided on CAI and I'm glad I did.

After two previous careers, neither of which was medically related, I decided to take the plunge and go for it. When I first started the course, while being excited at starting this new adventure, there were times of apprehension as well, because I was required to complete the course in an abbreviated time frame, and this did not come without sacrifice. Once I got the discipline down, studying every day became a routine for me. The first five weeks were spent on the Language of Medicine and then it was off to the races with the quizzes, practice dictations and the doctor dictations. I was able to complete the doctor dictations four times prior to taking my exam. I found that the more I listened, the more I was able to decipher. Repeating the doctor dictations also strengthened my formatting, spelling, and grammar skills. I have also become one heck of a listener! I fo und the course to be very well structured and that helped in my completing it. For anyone who thinks it can't be done, I'm here to say that it can. I just kept reminding myself that I had never done transcription before and to take a deep breath and all would be good.

I spent a great deal of time on the final exam, turned it in, and when I found out I passed, I knew that all the effort was well worth the long hours of studying and practicing. You have "released me into the wild" with new knowledge and skills. I will be starting my newest career next week, thanks to your recommendation, and I thank you for that. I can't wait to get started!

I would also like to add that the personal interest and exceptional encouragement by you and Nadine is to be commended! It was nice to know that any time I had a question or concern, you always had the answer and helped me along the way.

As always, I will keep you posted as I progress.

Thanks again,

Barb Warren

Dear Cheryl and CAI Staff:

Thank you so much for recommending me to Kim. To anyone who is interested in a medical transcription course, I highly recommend CAI. When you take the CAI course, you are taking a hard, comprehensive course, but one that will truly prepare you for a medical transcription career. Also, you will have the complete support of Cheryl and the CAI Staff, who are honest, helpful, encouraging, and knowledgeable. They are true professionals. Remember that nothing great comes easy. The course is hard, but not impossible. Believe me, you can do this, and it will be worth it!

Lillian Incarnato, CAI graduate

Dear Cheryl and Staff:

Thank you for all you assistance and encouragement while I was taking the transcription course. First of all, I had worked at a hospital for two years doing medical transcription in the Radiology Department at the local hospital, worked for a Cardiologist for two years and worked for three years at KU School of Medicine for an associate dean. I had transcribed for the court in Alaska for several years before that. I had been working for seven years recently in workers' compensation, which I needed to get away from as it was driving me crazy.

So I decided I wanted to work as a medical transcriptionist, which I really enjoyed, but did not have the skills, except in Radiology. Then I looked on the internet and found your school. It took a huge leap of faith for me to decide to undertake going back to school, because I am 60 years old and can retire in seven years -- some of my friends thought I had lost my mind. The day I received the course materials, I knew I had really made a mistake -- it looked really daunting -- what had I been thinking! Anyway, I worked on the course, had major computer problems when I was trying to take the test , failed it, studied some more, took the test again and passed it. Unbelievable! I am currently working at the local hospital doing medical transcription at a local hospital and when I reach 1400 lines a day consistently, I will be able to work from home.

Again, thank you so much for helping me reach my goal. I had to call your office a few times and you were really helpful and caring.

Sherilyn Tate

Dear Cheryl,

I want to take this moment and tell you how much I appreciate all the support you and your staff have given to me over the last year! This course is something I thought about for a long time, but I was so afraid to jump in and do it. I am so glad I finally made the decision to choose CAI. The Dr. dictations prepared me well for the testing process when I was looking for a job; I felt prepared during that whole process. You were always there anytime I needed assistance. I never had to wait for you to reply to any of my questions. Even during the job hunting phase, you were emailing me to see how I was coming along. I felt you were behind me every single step of the way. It's nice to know there is a person behind the name of CAI, one who was genuinely concerned about each and every one of her students! I start a new job next week, and I feel confident in the skills I learned from CAI!

God Bless You!
Denise Boonie

Hi, Cheryl!

I thought you would be pleased to know that the employer you referred offered me a job last Friday and I took it. I'm an independent contractor/editor, and I'm starting my first week with them today, just waiting for the work to come in.

Thank you again for your excellent course which has prepared me and gotten me through this long job evaluation and interview. I will have opportunities to increase my income based on ESL docs, and I know I will be able to handle that because of CAI.

Also, thanks so much for your wonderful assistance in finding an employer and recommending me to them. I am very grateful.

God bless you!
Ruthie Landin, CAI graduate
To anyone interested in doing this course I would say, "Absolutely!". Cheryl is always extremely helpful, encouraging and responsive with any questions you might have. Although I only started working a few days ago, I feel this course is very good preparation for the outside world. The work dictations are generally much easier than the ones in the course. Further, Cheryl was instrumental in helping me find work. Thanks for all you do Cheryl.

Annette Dorfman, CAI Graduate

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you for this wonderful course which has such amazing potential for one to make money while working at home. I had my first baby just when I found out that I passed the course and three weeks later you had already helped me find a job. I researched other MT schools, but they wanted so much money and so much of my time for classes which of course I could not commit to. I called you by opening the Yellow Pages in Ocean County and I just wanted more information about the MT workforce since your company was listed. You told me about your course and you were so honest about how much it should really cost and that you help your students find jobs. How true all this was. I always said that if it does not work out I will finish the course and work just enough to make back the money I invested. Boy, was I wrong. In the ten months working, I have made many times over that money. In addition, I have learned so much!! I work in for a pediatric hospital and with an infant I have done reports on many topics that affect my daughter, as well. I feel educated when I take her to her own pediatrician and the doctor rattles off all sorts of things with no explanation (while my husband wants to know afterwards if I understood it all and I say yes, of course).

Rachel, Graduate
Hello Cheryl!

I must admit, this course really kicked my #@$%, but I could not have been more pleased. I did not pass the test on the first try, but you felt that I had the potential and gave me a second shot at the test. Honestly, I do not think that there is a better school out there. I landed a job about three months after I graduated, and I am still with the same company over a year later. I work for a small company, as there is only seven of us. We mainly work for a team of cardiologists, but we also do work for other specialties. I can stay home with my children and enjoy the extra pocket money because of your training. My neighbor is thinking about entering the transcription market, and I mentioned your school.

Thanks again for your encouragement!

Julie, CAI graduate, Montgomery, IL

Graduate update:

Just wanted to give you an update on how well I am doing in medical transcription. Since leaving The Doctor's Helper, I have been working on my own part-time for a cardiologist locally for about one and a half years. During that time, I tested with a company and have been working with them for over a year now. The possibilities are endless....and it all began with the course you created! Thanks again for all your help, even after I had graduated, all the help and encouragement you gave me that helped me succeed in running my own business.

Thanks again and God bless you Cheryl in all that you do!

Monica Fowler

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you so much for providing this course. When I finally felt ready to pursue a career, after raising my children, I found that the local college had recently discontinued their Medical Transcription course. With no other schooling options nearby, the internet was my only choice. Thank you also for helping me to obtain a position so quickly. I almost can't believe that I am already working from home after graduating just a few weeks ago. I had to wait to write to you to make sure it was really real. The course is tough. It takes hard work and determination, but these are skills needed on the job as well, and the course prepares you for that. The dictations I am experiencing so far are so much easier than those provided within the course. I almost feel like I better keep practicing with them to keep up my skills, since I am sure I will encounter tougher dictators as time goes on. Thank you again for helping me to finally realize a career goal I had been "dreaming" about for several years.

~Becky - Graduate

Hi Cheryl:

Deciding to go through CAI instead of another MT course was the best decision I could have made. Cheryl is terrific and her speedy responses and helpful information is something you just can't get anywhere else. The course is tough, but I beleive that anything worthwhile takes some effort. I not only passed my exam, but was offered a job within a week. After completing CAI's course, I now feel fully qualified as an MT and ready to take on whatever is offered to me. The possibilities are endless! And best of all, I get to be at home with my daughter which is a dream come true for me. I encourage anyone who is hesitant about CAI to put those fears aside and start the road to your dreams. I did and I couldn't be happier!


Hi Cheryl,

In the midst of trying to find work and then finally becoming employed, I forgot to thank you! I finished the course in mid-January and already landed a job. In fact, she told me that she hired about 5 of us CAI grads! I just started last week and, so far, I enjoy it! She mainly works with cardiololgy and pulmonary dr.'s, but she has had me type a few dictations for a chiropractor and podiatrist. Those were pretty easy, but I am sure once I start the other two, it wil be a lot harder! I just hope to succeed and learn everything I can.

So, again, thank you for all of your help and for sending me to Kim. She asked me how I liked CAI and I only had good things to say! Thank you for running a legit, professional company that really does prepare us for the working world!

Brandy Cario

CAI was a great decision for me. I became disabled last year and was no longer able to work outside of my home. Becoming an MT allows me to remain a contributing part of the community and earn a living for myself within my own physical health limits. CAI is a thorough course and when I finished, I was over-prepared for the job I was offered. I was told in my first week of work that my grasp of the terminology was better than some of my fellow MTs who had 2 years experience. It is not easy, but Cheryl is supportive and encouraging. I'm so delighted that I decided to do this and that I went with such a superior training program.

Marie Martin

I researched several Medical Transcription courses before choosing CAI primarily because of its cost and the encouraging messages on its message board. It turned out to be an excellent investment. Low price does not equal low quality. This course comes with a significant amount of material, much more than enough to thoroughly learn this business. In addition to that, the amount of support both during the training period and the job hunt afterward is phenomenal. To quote Siskel and Ebert, "Two thumbs up!"

Bob Maurer, CAI Graduate

As a graduate of CAI, I would like to thank Cheryl on equipping me with the knowledge and training to start work. I wasn't able to pass my first exam, but I did pass my second exam. I feel like the extra six months that I had to endure by going through the dictations again were well worth it. I probably e-mailed Cheryl a million questions and I always received a prompt response. Anytime I had to telephone her with a question, she always took the time to give me a thorough answer. When I passed my second exam, she landed me a job shortly after. This is what I wanted the entire time. I wanted adequate training, help with my questions, and a job soon after. Cheryl and the CAI school of medical transcription fulfilled my wishes. Again, THANK YOU CHERYL!!! I highly recommend CAI for anyone who wants to go into medical transcriptioning and feel good knowing that they got extensive training to go along with it.


This is something I told you I would write many moons ago. So, believe it or not, I am finally doing it.

As a former graduate of CAI Transcription, I can't thank Cheryl Izzo enough for all the help she was willing to give on the one-to-one basis. She promptly answered any questions which I emailed to her. I would always have an answer from her by the next morning at the latest (there is a 3-hour time difference in where I live and where CAI is located in NJ).

The one thing I cannot even begin to emphasize is the training we received transcribing ESL doctors. I can almost guarantee you that you will be hitting your head against the wall on the first few doctor dictations, but don't give up. Listen, listen, and re-listen to the doctor dictations. I work for a company in another state via the Internet. The account I work on has many residents and interns doing dictation. I do not know what the ratio is of ESL's (English as a second language) to doctors who speak English primarily, but at times it seems like the majority are ESLs. Without Cheryl's emphasis on ESL doctor dictation, this particular job would have been much more difficult than it is.

I also would like to thank Cheryl for all the assistance she offered in finding me a position. The initiative for applying and testing is up to you, but she was more than willing to offer suggestions for positions she had on file, and help me to the extent she could. Thank you for this Cheryl.

When I was searching the Internet for medical transcription schools online, I kept coming back to CAI. The cost was a factor, yes, but I was continually drawn back to Cheryl's program, and I am very glad I chose this course.

And off the record, I mean that....Thank you very much Cheryl for all your care and concern you have for your students, and giving a helping hand when you could. P.S. And yes, I am still hitting my head against the wall on some of these ESLs. Some of them are MUCH WORSE than what you threw at us!

Jean E. Womelsduff, Graduate

When I started to look into MT schools, I searched many websites. I talked to one school that appealed to me, but I felt that the customer service representative was a sales person rather than and informed representative of the school. I felt tremendous sales pressure from this individual. Then I called CAI because the testimonials and the nature of the website really appealed to me. I talked to Cheryl personally, and that was what really impressed me. She gave me information about the medical transcription field without any kind of sales pitch. It struck me that she genuinely cared about the profession and the success of her students. Also, the job placement rate of the graduates was outstanding. I felt that with CAI, I couldn't fail. And that turned out to be true. Cheryl was there 100% for me. If I had questions, all I had to do was email her, and she responded right away. The course was very demanding, and at one point in time I thought I would never get through the doctor dictations. But, I stuck with it and it began to make sense. I ended up passing the test and started to look for work immediately. Cheryl contacted a company for me, and I have already started the training program with that company. It says alot for the school and for Cheryl that she is so willing to "go to bat" for her students. To any one looking for a Medical Transcription School, I highly recommend CAI. The school is dedicated to your success.

Amy Hall

Thanks to Cheryl's referral and assistance, I obtained employment as an MT within days! I had heard that it can take weeks or even longer to find work, so I was thrilled that I was able to find a job so quickly.

I found this course to be very thorough and extremely challenging. I had no prior medical education or experience and was overwhelmed with the information I was constantly taking in. There were times that I truly wondered what I was doing (especially during the DD's), but I am so thankful that I stuck to it and finished the course. Thank you Cheryl for your valuable words of wisdom after I was unsuccessful with my first exam. You truly inspired me to continue on and offered valuable advice and encouragement prior to my second exam.

Thank you Cheryl for this challenging transcription course. I am now able to fulfill my dream of working from home.

Janine Morrison, CAI Grad


I want to thank you for helping me get a job! It is one thing for a school to provide you with an education, but to assist you in your job search afterward is another. There are so many transcription courses offered online. I was overwhelmed about which to choose. After much research, I am so glad I that chose CAI. Your course has helped build a solid foundation for my new career. It was intense. With dedication and determination, I was able to successfully complete the course. When I heard the first of the infamous dreaded doctor dictations, I thought I would never comprehend what was being dictated. By following your instructions, I finally was able to get through those dreaded doctor dictations and actually understand them. All of the hard work has finally paid off. I just want to thank you again for everything you have done to help me on my new career path.

Angie Bennett, CAI graduate

CAI was the best decision I could have made! I checked into several other at home schools before I made up my mind. The CAI chat board was probably one of the biggest factors for me. The people on there are real students and real graduates. I ordered the 12 month program and unfortunately I did not pass the first exam, I almost put it aside because of frustration, but I knew this was something worth working for. I am now one of the several CAI GRADS!! To those of you who might not have passed the first time, stick with it! And to those who are in the middle of studying, it will be worth it, keep typing away and keep at those dictations, they do get better! It is so worth all the hard work and time you put into it!

Shortly after a month of having my certificate, I got a job!! That was my goal from the beginning, to be able to stay home with my three children and still be able to bring in a paycheck to help our family. I can not tell you how thankful I am to Cheryl. She really does help you like she says she will. It is not a line she tells you, she means it. I am living proof of that. If it was not for Cheryl contacting my "now" boss, I would not have this job.

Thank you thank you thank you Cheryl!! You really are a wonderful person! I really felt that throughout the entire time I was taking the course, Cheryl and her staff were right there with me, helping me with any questions or situations that came up and always friendly. I never once felt like I was bothering Cheryl or any of the staff. The course was worth every penny, and I have already recommended CAI to others. I can honestly say, that Cheryl's course really prepares you for the real working world. I am extremely happy with CAI and the course and I can not even put into words how thankful I am to Cheryl!! ... hey Cheryl....you da man (woman) :) Thank you again, for your help and support!!

Valerie Hale, CAI Grad!

I finished my CAI course and within a month I was realizing my dream of working from my home. I could say so many good things about CAI's course in general, the great printed materials and software that came with it. (I might even find something good to say about those doctor dictations if you catch me on a good day!) However, as in most of my experiences, I found that behind all the extraneous stuff were some dedicated people pouring their hearts into making good things happen. Cheryl and her staff really came through for me where the rubber meets the road--getting the job I wanted. In every company, school, community or other entity, it's the people that make the difference. Thank you, Cheryl and CAI staff!

Debbie Scales

I am so excited! I was just offered a job that is PERFECT for me -- home-based, part-time, paid training, and flexible hours, so I can work around my 9-month-old baby! I don't think I would have initially applied to them without your recommendation, because their website says they only hire MTs with a minimum of three years experience. They let me test, and everything went great after that! I couldn't have done it without CAI. I am very excited about working, and I am definitely glad that I chose to take your course over any others.

For all those who may be struggling right now, hang in there, because CAI really prepares you for working and opens doors for you when it comes time to find a job!

Thanks again! Elizabeth Tappan

The CAI course is thorough and to the point. It gives you the base of knowledge to get a job, and I still use the reference materials that came with the course. I completed the course and got a job a couple months later through a job lead from the school. I am currently working at home part time and enjoying every minute of it. GOOD LUCK!

Heather Rumbut

I want to take a minute to thank Cheryl and all those involved with CAI. I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 9 years and I have been looking for some type of employment that would allow me to work from home. After extensively researching different medical transcription schools, I chose CAI because of the affordability as well as the positive environment that is apparent on the message board. I ordered my course and a few days after receiving my course, Central Florida was slammed with three hurricanes in a row! I was so overwhelmed with trying to study and prepare for these storms. I felt like giving up several times, especially when I started the doctor dictations, but I kept at it. Whenever I had a question, Cheryl provided very prompt answers to my emails. Two weeks after graduation, I found a job and am currently working from home for a great company. Thanks again, Cheryl for all of your help and support!

Kristine Horton, CAI Grad

When I was looking for a Medical Transcription program on line, I was drawn to the CAI Transcription website. I kept coming back to it because of its modest, straight-forward information. And I have now found first hand that I made the right choice. It was up to me to apply myself to the work, but CAI provided all of the information I was going to need throughout the course right up front. The program was very easy to follow, yet the work was hard enough to prepare for the testing process of all of the transcription companies I came across. And help was just at the other end of my email at all times. I'm so happy that I chose CAI to help me get started in my new career!

Thank you Cheryl and her support staff!

Rebecca Susuico

I just want to thank you so much for the CAI Transcription Course! It has enabled me to reach my goal of becoming a well-trained medical transcriptionist, at a very reasonable cost! As a graduate, I just obtained my first employment as an independent contractor. For anyone considering taking the CAI Transcription course, let me assure you that Cheryl and the CAI staff are there for you to answer any questions that you may have, and to help you successfully complete the material. The course contents are very thorough, and adequately give you the foundation that you need to readily enter the job market. CAI holds to its promise of helping their graduates find jobs! The employment I've recently gained was a result of a direct referral from Cheryl Izzo. And CAI's student job placement rate speaks for itself! So, if you want to train in medical transcription, then CAI can- and WILL- help you to realize that goal! Thanks for everything, Cheryl!

Lynn Carter

Dear Cheryl,
You have done so much to help me get going as an MT. I want to thank you and I hope you will post this so CAI students will read it.

I am a 50-year-old lady who used to work as a pediatric RN back in the 1980s. My husband and I moved to Florida last October. I need to go back to work since my husband took a position at a church college.Instead of taking refresher courses and attempting to re-enter the world of acute nursing care, I became very interested in transcription. I heard about CAI from a friend at church who had taken the course and was employed at a psychiatric clinic.

Since our move interfered with my course, I had to ask for an extension. The course was hard and very thorough. Because of this, and because of my nursing background, I passed the final with a good grade. (I received my certificate 12 months after I began the CAI course.)

Upon my request for help, you referred me to a transcription company that was willing to try a new grad. There was some confusion in my application process, and this is where you really went to bat for me. During a phone call regarding another student, you asked the company how I was doing. Then you immediately called me to let me know they were waiting to hear from me. If you had not done this, they never would have given me a chance. As you know, that company thinks I need more experience before applying with them.Meanwhile, I asked you for more help, and to my amazement you have sent me information about a second company. I have printed it off and will be reading about them during lunch.

I feel very qualified to transcribe, although I know I am just a beginner. I am determined to find employment in this field since I enjoy it so much and since it will be so nice to work from home.

Again, thank you so much for preparing me and for helping me as I look for my first MT job.

Very sincerely,
Sara Jo Dusterhoft

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your course and how well prepared I felt when I started testing for companies. I thought your final exam was pretty tough, but I really appreciate that now. The worst part for me when I started my new job was being nervous. I knew how to look things up and reference without much difficulty. I have found as you said that you don't need a million reference books to get started. I mostly used my electronic med dictionary, spellchecker, expander and occasionally another book or two. For any student thinking about enrolling I would like to say that you will get out of this course what you put into it. If you make it a top priority and work on it every day you should do very well. It is a large amount of information but if you put the time in I think you will be successful.

I graduated in September and was working within two weeks. I recommend this course to anyone looking for a legitimate job that can be pursued at home. You can't become an MT in two weeks, but if you spend six months to a year you can be trained to enter the job market.

Thanks for a very complete and organized program and for the way you obviously care about your students.

Pat Murray, Proud CAI graduate!!~

I just received my certificate in the mail and wanted to say thank you. Two years ago, when I had to leave work and go on Disability, I could see how saddened my family was with the idea that my goals in life had to be ended so early. As the months progressed, I began losing my spirit. It was frustrating because I knew I was capable of working and making a contribution, I just couldn't work outside my home.

When I was accepted for the CAI scholarship, we were filled with hope and excitement at the prospect that I'd be able to start a new career while still being able to keep up my medical regimen. Now that I've passed, it's as if a sigh of relief has passed through my entire family. I can't tell you how wonderful a feeling it is to see that heavy weight be removed from my parents' and husband's shoulders.

When I first went on Disability, another Cystic Fibrosis patient relayed to me some disturbing news from her doctor. Studies had shown that people who stopped working due to health had a tendency to decline more quickly than those who were able to continue working. As you know, just before being accepted into the CAI program, my health had taken a severe turn for the worse and I was listed for a lung transplant. I feared her doctor's news was true.

The class was a gift to work on everyday and gave me something to look forward to. My health eventually turned around because I had a new challenge to work through and focus on. Here I am now, having put off the transplant for almost a year, and my doctors are continuing to say that my health is stable and they don't feel I will need a transplant any time soon. CAI gave me this gift.

Thank you so much, Cheryl, and thank you to your staff.

Now, it's off to find a job! If you have a mailing that you send out to graduates regarding job openings, I'd like to be included. Also, I'm perfectly willing to do an unpaid internship to improve my skills.

Please use me as a reference, you are more than welcome to give my email address out to prospective students. You have done so much for me, I want to return the favor and get people signed up for your course! If you ever need an extra hand, I volunteer my time to you, just let me know what you need.

Warmest wishes,
Piper Petrucci

Dear Cheryl:
Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!! I just recieved your e-mail that I PASSED!!! You have no idea what this means to me! I have a future now, and soon I will be able to support my children (Bailey 9 years and Madison 5 years)!

The past year has been very hard for us. I was a medical office assisant before I got married and decided to stay home to raise my children. After the divorce, I had almost NO SELF ESTEEM. Now, I can feel genuinely good about myself for the first time in over a year.

Your course was very trying at times and I am so glad that it was! Through it all, I just kept thinking, "If I can get through this, I will be well prepared to be a medical transcriptionist." Now that I know I made it, I feel so confident in my abilities (not that I won't continue to practice at every opportunity)! Even though the course was tough, I do feel that the way you have organized the program makes it as easy as possible to follow and complete! I am so happy that I chose CAI over some of the other astronomically high priced programs that are out there now.

Thank you again so much and bless you and your family. I wish you continued prosperity with your wonderful business and I will keep in touch to let you know how my New Career (YEH!!!) is going!

Teresa Amburgy

I just wanted you to know that I have been working for what seems to be a wonderful company for about a week now! I still work my other job and now have an additional job as an Independent Contractor doing MT work. As you may remember, I work as a medical tech in the field of Ophthalmology. Well, a company that does only Ophthalmology transcription hired me last week. I actually had 2 job offers, but went with this company because they are so good about communicating with me. I had found the offer online. They contacted me and said they normally NEVER hire MT's without experience. But, because of my experience in Ophthalmology and the fact that I took your course, they were willing to test me. And guess what??! They said they were "very pleased with the quality" of my work and have been sending me work since last week. I have received emails telling me I am doing a "great job". I feel very slow right now, but they are happy with my quality and low errors, so the speed will build with time. The woman who sends me the work is very supportive and in constant communication with me. I think we are both very happy we found each other....which reminds me that I want to THANK YOU for having such an affordable, thorough, and useful course. Your course gave me the tools I needed to change my life for the better! I can now just work a few hours a day outside the home.....and the rest of my work away from all the office politics, in the comfort of my own home. I can take breaks whenever I need to, as long as I get the work back within a certain time period. The best part is that I am treated by this company as a partner of theirs, rather than simply hired help. There is a real mutual respect between us. It's early, but truly feels like the beginning of something great....... and......it all started with CAI.
Thank you,
Christie Bradley, CAI Grad

I am a graduate of CAI Transcription and have been successfully working with a transcription company for the past two months as an independent contractor. My decision to enter the Medical Transcription field was prompted by my desire to earn an income while staying at home with my family. I researched my training options in depth and found CAI Transcription to offer the most affordable and comprehensive training program. The job placement assistance they provide for graduates is invaluable! CAI Transcription enabled me to be job-ready for the MT field.

Lana T., Student
I thought I would just write a little success story as I know how much I would have loved reading something like this when I was still doing my school and even after graduating, while I was looking for work. I worked diligently and completed the course. After receiving the good news of passing with a high score, I began testing with some online transcription companies. I didn't do so well with a couple of those companies, but I just sucked up and moved on! I kept checking the classifieds on MTDesk and MTStars and kept applying! THEN...in October, I landed my first job with a little transcription company. That job was PRICELESS to me because the experience was EVERYTHING. If I never got paid a penny for that work, it was worth it all. I learned so much. There's just nothing like actually DOING the MT work versus schooling. I worked with that company for six months, then gathered the courage to make up some attractive letters (Cheryl shows you an example letter in your "Choosing Medical Transcription as a Home Business" book that came with your school books)and some business cards. I stapled the business card to the bottom of the letter, and I went to several doctor's offices. I was told by each one that they already had a transcriptionist. I told them to please give the letter to their transcriptionist, and maybe she could use some help as back-up or something. Anyway, a couple weeks later, an office called and wanted me to do some of their work as a trial and see how I do. I was needless to say ELATED and oh so nervous! I got the tapes and the funniest most horrible part is yet to come! I was so excited to hear what this doctor sounded like (I knew that he was foreign). Soooo, I stick the tape in the recorder, and I was not aware of it, but my little red button on the tape player was switched over to the RECORD side........so I was recording OVER the tape the whole time! This is SOOO not good! I could not figure out why there was no voice...when I realized what was happening, I screeched in horror and slammed my finger down on the stop button. OH my goodness, I about died! I just sat there in shock and tried to gather my whits about me. How was I going to tell them without sounding like a complete idiot?? After all, I was trying to be this 'experienced' MT that was going to test with them! Yikes! Well, I went ahead and just typed out the rest of the patient reports and prayed...prayed a lot that they would overlook it and just look at the work that I DID do and still want to hire me. When I met with the assistant and the doctor, I just simply told them the truth and that I guaranteed them that would not happen again! You know, it was like water off a duck's back...they didn't even seem to care! They loved my work and hired me on the spot. Then one month later, they asked if I would do the other two doctor's dictations that are there in the same office! So, right now, I have all the work I could want and I am so happy with what I do! I am still learning as I go. There is so much to learn with this business. The things that I would never do without are: The internet (for reference), Stedman's Smarttype (worth every penny), good medical dictionary, & Quick Look Drug Book. Anyway, I had it on my mind to write a word of encouragement to all of you currently in the midst of the schooling. Keep plugging away at it and remember that the more you do, the more your brain with retain! Experience is everything! You WILL get your first job and then things will go from there! Good luck to all of you!

Sherrie thompson

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you for your support and words of encouragement as I made my way through your medical transcriptionist course. Before taking the CAI course, I already had 13 years of experience doing medical transcription for a physical therapist. Unfortunately, this was not enough to get me a medical transcriptionist job elsewhere due to the limitations of one specialty. Therefore, my husband and I, mostly my husband, researched medical transcriptionist schools and decided upon CAI. Wow! What a program! It was a great refresher for me, as I was also a medical assistant for a few years which helped me get through the MT book work which was quite a challenge since I had been out of medical assisting school for almost 20 years.

The transcription part of the MT program was challenging as well, especially the doctor reports, but this is what it is all about and we need this experience and exposure to help get "our foot in the door". I just recently graduated at the beginning of August and I just started my new job a little over a week ago. I am working from home, which was my goal. Everything I do is done electronically. I am a subcontractor for a company in Illinois and doing work for a group of physicians in Indiana and I reside in Maryland. Imagine that! My schedule is my own. I can work as much or as little as I want. Grant it, I am not making "big bucks" to start but I know that will come in time. For now, I am getting the knowledge and experience I need which I feel is what is important at this time. If I had not taken this course, I truly believe I would not have acquired such a great opportunity!

Thanks again Cheryl.

Deanna Smith

Hi Cheryl,
It's my one year anniversary since finishing the course and passing my exam, and I wanted to thank you and let you know that I have been working and am very grateful for your help and the opportunity your course gave me. If you remember, you set me up with Nancy at Promed and I did get experience with them, even just finishing an oncology seminar a few weeks ago. I was very sad to hear that Nancy has closed the business, but was very grateful to get that first job and experience. I have been working since last October for a local Pediatric practice with about 10 doctors. I work from home and usually get about 10 hours per week. I have returned part time to my programming job in the mornings, so 10 hours right now is more than enough. My programming job is probably temporary however, so my ultimate goal is to get more transcription work that I can do from home, and with any luck, try to make some sort of business out of it.

So again, thank you. I set a goal for myself and with your course and your help, actually realized it. I just wanted you to know that you made a positive difference in my life.

Thanks again,
Mary T.
After spending months checking into every Medical Transcription course out there, I am convinced that I made the best decision by going with CAI. They are proof that you do not have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to receive quality training and support. CAI provided me with all of the necessary materials and books without any of the "fluff" that you pay for with other companies. While the course was not an easy one, it more than adequately prepared me to work in the field. With Cheryl's help, I was able to land that first job in a surprisingly short amount of time. The online message board is a godsend as it continually offers assistance as well as encouragement. Cheryl, herself, is always available to answer any questions. I highly recommend CAI to anyone considering entering this profession.

Thanks again,

I hope you remember me - Debbie Revor, a former student of yours. I just wanted to give you an update on what I'm doing now. After I finished your course, remember I got a job doing legal transcription? I've been doing that since July and it's been very good -- really busy and lucrative. One pay period (two weeks) I made $800. I use a lot of medical words and drugs because it's workers' comp law and they use a lot of injury words, muscles, bones, etc. I also just last week took a job doing a doctor's medical transcription. A friend of mine from church told me about this job. Her mother's a nurse at a pulmonologist's office and he needed a transcriptionist. So he gave me his dictaphone and two tapes and I started last Friday. He does acute care, sleep studies and he's a pulmonologist. He's also Indian with a strong accent. So far I'm doing pretty well on his tapes -- I only have a few blanks in each report, but I've gone back to the first tape and relistened and filled in some of the blanks I had. Just wanted to let you know that your course is helping me -- especially now that I'm doing this doctor's work. Thanks again for your great course!

Debbie Revor

I am so excited. I wanted you to know that I tested with an MT company, and although they told me that they were not hiring right now. The hiring coordinator called me today and told me that I made a 97 on their test and offered me my choice of working full-time or part-time. (Am I dreaming?) I chose part-time because I am working for one endocrinologist part-time already. I wanted to thank you for the great experience I gained from your course. I actually typed a report yesterday for a lady with an abdominal teratoma, and I already knew what it was, thanks to the course. I appreciate all your help. I still can't believe that I got hired by the first company that I tested with. And by the way, they were the ones that referred me to your course in the first place. Anyway, gotta go finish my work now. Take care.

Dena Cannon

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't say it enough. Among the MANY things I have learned in taking this couse and with the job searching process, I would have to say patience was one of the most important.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for instant gratification. I had just passed my course and expected to find a job right away. You encouraged me to be patient, and that helped more than you'll ever know. Your course was challenging and very rewarding. I begin my new job soon, and I feel very well prepared.

My advice to anyone struggling or having doubts is to stick with it, ask questions, always keep faith in yourself, and don't give up!

Thank you again for preparing me for a new career and opening a world of new opportunites to me!

Erica R.
Dear Cheryl:
This is an exciting time for me. I just had to touch base with you and let you know how I am doing in the MT world. Three years ago this month I completed the CAI training while over the road while I was a truck driver, perhaps you remember me due to that unique tidbit. The three year mark is important to me for two reasons, the first being that most MT employers want 3+ years of MT experience, and the second being that it will be the longest I have ever kept a career and still love it. I was a driver for three and a half years, but I loved it it almost immediately. I plan on retiring as an MT many years from now, I still love it.

I'm sure that my exam reports weren't the best you've seen, I think I scored high 70 or low 80 percentile, but you trained my very well as my first boss and coworkers were very impressed. Those ladies continued my education and they were excellent mentors, too. Today I am an IC and I work my own hours, as much or as little as I please, and have the ability to make around $34/hour if I need to--but I usually don't because I it usually isn't a necessity (hubby brings home the real bacon). When my hubby's business got slow this winter I was able to pick up the 'breadwinner' spot for a while and type and made excellent money and was so proud, and my family was proud of me, too.

The best part is I am home to raise my daughter who will be 2 years old at the end of this month. I am taking a break from typing right this moment as she naps, which is when I do most of my work. Deciding to MT is the best decision I have ever made--next to my choosing my husband and deciding it was time to start our family a couple years ago.

> I still remember your kind words and strong guidance fondly, and even though I might not have been the highest scorer when I first started, I am turning out beautiful and quality reports now and my prior employers and bosses have nothing but good things to say about my work. Thanks so much, Cheryl. I still recommend your course to all those who ask me, and I get a lot of questions about this business. Keep on guiding those newbies, success is out there for them! Thank goodness for CAI. Someday my daughter will thank you, too, because it made it possible for me to be here with her. Have a great year!

Nancy K.

I want to update you that I am now working as an independent contractor for one of the transcription companies which you recommended. I began training last week and so far my new career is going well. I understood that it was important to be patient with the process of finding a job and it was worth the wait! Thank you for referring me to this company.

I really appreciate the quality I received for my course investment, and the great reputation of the CAI Transcription program. Several companies which were not presently hiring let me know that they would keep my resume on file because they know the high quality of work to expect from CAI graduates. This was a challenging course which has best prepared me for the real world of transcribing. I remember thanking you at one point for the level of difficulty of the doctor dictations. The medical field has a wide diversity of doctors from all over the world. We all benefit from sharpening our listening skills.

I would also like to thank you for all of your support and sound advice with getting started in this field. You have demonstrated that you are truly interested in seeing your students succeed with both testing for companies and with beginning their careers. An important thing I have learned along this path is to adjust my expectations and to apply the determination I needed to complete the course to my daily work in the field. I am thrilled to be working as a medical transcriptionist and I look forward to the continued learning which comes with this profession. Thank you for all of your assistance.

Theresa Wilson
Hi Cheryl,
I've been wanting to e-mail you for a while now, but time has not been on my side. Thank you so much for getting me employment. I'm finishing my fourth week now (with a one week break last week to go on a cruise, which was fabulous, by the way) and I love it. Most of the docs they have trained me on I have down pat. There is only one that I still struggle with, but they say everyone does because she is a draft doc. Anyway, you were right, everything came back to me once I started using it, and although I'm not making much now, I can see the earning potential. I bought those books from the student you told me about plus a few more, and WOW, how the right reference materials make a big difference. That has saved me. Once I am comfortable with everything, I think I'll invest in a word expander.

Thanks again so much for getting me employment. They are great people, and now that I am finally working, I have 3 family members interested in doing this, one of which has already contacted you. If she hasn't already, I think she is going to buy the course.

Many, Many Thanks,

I can't believe I am finally employed at home as a Medical Transcriptionist! Before I begin my very first report I wanted to take the time out to thank you. I never could have gotten to this point without you.

For anyone considering Medical Transcription I highly recommend CAI. This has been a dream of mine for several years. I had originally begun a course 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my third child. I thought working at home would be ideal. I was working as a nursing assistant, working evenings, weekends and some holidays. My son ended up being born with a life threatening heart condition requiring emergency surgery at 6 weeks old. I was forced to put my dream on hold.

I struggled year after year trying to get back into the swing to finally work at home. The health issues with my son took up so much space in my head I found it difficult to complete. When I finally enrolled with CAI, I felt I was ready. Still, I found myself not able to commit to the time and dedication the course took. Cheryl was there for me the whole time. She is so understanding and willing to work with even with such extenuating circumstances as mine.

Last year I set my mind to it. My children were all in school so I had the time to dedicate to the course. My son had his second open heart surgery in February and I took advantage of the time off with him to finish the course.

I finished my exam and got it in just before the deadline!! Several weeks later the envelope came and I had passed!! It was such an icredible feeling. Finally!! Cheryl is one of a kind and worked with me through a difficult time. She never gave up on me, so in turn I never gave up on meyself. Now, my children are all in school full time. It is going to be so nice to work at home. I have peace, quiet and comfort. If any of my children need to stay home sick from school, or need to be picked up, I will be here. What an incredible convenience!If anyone is having a hard time, stick with it. It will pay off in the end!

Thanks again Cheryl for everything!
Jill Kovacs

I wanted to let you know that I signed a contract on Friday with an MT company. This company was on the list you provided for me and I "thank you." I am so excited! I am on their "30 day probation period" while in training. So far my only frustrations are with "formatting" and "uploading" the finished document back to them. I quickly figured out the formatting and I am still in training (with my husbands help) with uploading finished document back to the company website. Their QA Dept immediately sent back the "corrected" document so I could see and correct my errors; and not continue making the same errors.

Keeping you informed, many thanks, sincerely,
Gayle Braun

Thank you, Cheryl !! I think this is about the 50th time I've had occasion to say that during my time as your student. I can not even begin to imagine the hours and the effort you invested to make this course possible for us. You've given us the possibility of new choices and new directions for our lives.

Some time ago I saw an advertisement for medical transcriptionists to work from their homes. CAI was one of the schools they gave me to contact for training. I called the number listed, expecting to get a menu and some recording. What I got was Cheryl, a real person ! Shedidn't try to pressure me in any way, but she did encourage me. I chose CAI mostly because of her attitude, but also because her course was affordable and I was given a completion time option of 6 months or 1 year. If you're undecided about which MT training to choose, please consider that Cheryl IS a medical transcriptionist. She knows what you will need to know to do this work, and she will always respond to any question or concern.

Because of CAI's comprehensive training I was able to pass my employer exam, and now have the opportunity to work from my home, an opportunity that started as a daydream. Thanks again, Cheryl !


Just wanted to take a moment to fill you in on what I've been up to. After passing my exam, I started my job search. Well it didn't take me long. The first company I called asked me to come in for an interview and by the end of that week I was actually working! As I told you I have 2 small children and I wanted to start out slowing, working maybe 2 or 3 hours a day since I would have to work after my children went to bed. The company was fine with that so it has worked out perfectly for me. I really enjoy the work I'm doing and it doesn't interfer with my family. I plan to put in a lot more hours once my children are in school, but for now it is working out great! I want to thank you for putting together such a great affordable course. It really prepared me for the "working world". The work I am doing isn't nearly as difficult as the "doctor dictations" in the course so like I said it really prepared me well.

Thanks again and I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing!!

Anne Holster

As I sit in my home office working while looking out over the mountains at the beautiful view, I still feel as if I need to pinch myself to wake up. Can this be real? Many times I think this has to be a dream and it cannot possibly be true!

I have to admit that I was skeptical many times when I first decided to take the CAI medical transcription course. I had little support from my family and was even laughed at a few times by people who just knew this was a hoax and that I would never get a job working from home. Add to that the many times I surfed the internet and read some very discouraging things about how the only way to success was to train with one of the expensive schools for transcription. I even read messages that put down this course and although I knew in my heart that I was learning so many things and felt this was the right course for me the doubts still nagged at me from time to time. Am I doing the right thing? Maybe I should quit and go with the more expensive courses.

I guess the point I am trying to make to other prospective students and students of the CAI course is not to listen to all of that negative talk from others or to what you see on message boards. Put all of your energy and focus into studying hard and working on your course. It will get you much further than listening to all of that nonsense!

I can honestly tell you as a working MT that this course really does prepare you very well for working! Everything that Cheryl told me was right on the money. Everything she said was true. I used to worry about how I was going to come up with the money to buy tons of reference books, and I worried about all of those extra things that I read on the different message boards that I would need. I found that many things I had read on those different message boards were not true when I started working. It really is just like Cheryl said in the course materials! I have not found one thing yet that has not been true that she told me.

The support you get from Cheryl alone is well worth the price of the course. Without Cheryl, I would not be where I am today. She always replied quickly to any concerns I had and was so helpful in answering questions. I got sidetracked many times when I took my CAI training course. Cheryl's encouragement kept me going when I was ready to give up! She always seemed to know just how to encourage me.

Shortly after completing the course and passing my test I started working for Cheryl and continued working for her for eight months. Those eight months with her mentoring me were priceless. I learned so much and always felt so comfortable because I knew she would give me the feedback I needed and I knew I could trust her. Again, everything she shared with me was right on! She even helped me to get the job I have now, which I love, working on a cardiology account. I have had several job offers besides this. Even while training cardiology was the main thing that really peaked my interest. I loved learning it and I love working in the field of cardiology!

I will be forever grateful to Cheryl for all that she has done for me, not only while I was taking her course but after I finished the course. I know that in the future anytime I need advice or help I can depend on her to be there. That is such a great comfort and something so rare today. I have never known anyone who offers the kind of support that Cheryl does to help her students. Having someone there for you that knows this field as well as she does and is willing to help you long after your course is finished is something rare. Just the support alone is well worth the price of the CAI course.

I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to work at home! I have been a homemaker for 27 years and feel very strongly about being here for my four kids. Even though three of them are grown and two of them have moved out they still need me for so many things. Now I have two little grandchildren and I am often needed to help out with them. I want to be here for them also. Working from home has allowed me the privilege of being able to home school my seventh grade daughter this year. It also has allowed me the flexibility to help supplement my husband's income and build a savings account while still being here for my family. I love being at home! I have always been a homebody and prefer being home to being anywhere else. I am so thankful that I don't have to fight traffic, get dressed up, worry about what to do if one of the kids are sick, drive in snow, or deal with office politics and office gossip. I can listen to Christian music while I work and keep my Bible on my desk and not offend anyone. I can burn my favorite scented candle and work in comfortable clothes without shoes, and who cares if I am having a bad hair day! I love being able to take a break and walk outside to my garden or to watch the birds in the tree outside my office window. The advantages of working from home are priceless, and I would not trade my humble but cozy little home office for the most beautifully decorated office in the world.

There are some challenges working from home, such as getting interrupted by unexpected guests who drop in and feeling as if because you are home you should be cleaning or doing something that needs to be done around the house. These are just little annoyances compared to the many blessings of having your own office at home.

To anyone who is thinking about taking the CAI course, I can honestly say it is worth every hair you will rip out over those doctor dictations! It really is! If you find the medical field interesting and are willing to work hard to achieve your goals, you can do it. Don't listen to the negative talk! Now those people who said this was a hoax and that working from home was not possible say to me, "It must be nice to work from home" to which I kindly reply, "Yes, it is, I feel very blessed!"

Joni Shaffer

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my job search progress. I completed my course and received a passing result the end of May. I was so excited and finally after all the struggles of moving and packing and problems with children and just bad luck, I was pleasantly proud of myself for sticking it out and completing something in my life. Now, on to the next step and for some the hardest;looking for that MT job somewhere. Well I had one turn down the first time and really only because she felt that I was not fast enough for the work she had to put out. But somehow that was fine I was more inspired than disappointed. So on I went, and this time I started calling anyone I knew that told me that they knew someone who was a medical transcriptionist. Well one phone call was just a plain cold call to another transcriptionist who's name I had from last year and I called her. She wasn't looking for someone to help her, but she had a cousin who would probably welcome the help and I called her. We met and I started working with her the very next day and she doesn't care how slow or inexperinced I am. She knows where I'm coming from she was there at one time too. Well I've worked with her about a month now and I'm not making much yet but I will. She says I have one thing up on her that she doesn't and that's the training and cerficate. She trained herself. I'm just so happy that I'm in the position where I have a mentor it makes all the difference and both her and I believe this is exactly how it was supposed to be. Thank you so much Cheryl for all your help your support and understanding, because if you weren't like that with your students, where would we all be now?

God Bless you,
Lori Fewster

Just wanted to share some wonderful news with you .......I got a telephone call today from the hospital that I had applied at for the medical transcription job.....they offered me the job ! And I accepted. I am so excited, but also very nervous. I will be starting January 12th and will be working 3 months on dayshift first for the training part....then I will switch to evening work which will be part-time. As long as you put in the required number of hours a week, they are pretty flexible with the number of days and hours you work....for instance, some of the girls do three 8-hour evenings and others might work M-T-W-TH for 6 hours an evening. I will be transcribing most all the kinds of reports that we learned in your course plus working in the Medical Records department too. After a year, if I am proficient in typing and transcribing every kind of report, then I can put my name on a list to work at home. Also, sometime next year, this specific hospital is going to be trying the "voice recognition" kind of dictation. She said that some people are concerned that this is going to put transcriptionists "out on the street", but she can't see that happening because the reports are still going to have to be proof-read and gone over. So....that sounds exciting too. I am going to paid an hourly wage. I just hope I can do this Cheryl. I know it is going to take me some time to adjust to the kind of dictation machines that they use. I am used to this standard cassette machine that I used when I was doing the course. These new ones seem awful touchy. Wish me luck and again let me thank you for all your help and encouragement. Taking this course from CAI was a wonderful and challenging experience for me. And even though I am not going to be working from home right away, like you said, this will give me much experience. I will keep in touch.

May God bless.
Doreen Storm

When I began looking at courses I became discouraged because most of them cost upwards to $3000 and I could not afford that. Then I found CAI. I was very excited when it arrived. I began right away. I loved the Bulletin Board. I received a lot of encouragement there and felt like I was not in this alone. I had help when I needed it. The course was very thorough. The LOM textbook that is included is excellent and the dictations really prepared me for what I would face once I began working. They were often more difficult than what I normally type. I completed the course in approximately 5 months and was hired by shortly thereafter. I have been working for almost 2 years and received a raise after my first year after receiving high scores on my quality assessments.

I have loved being able to stay home and still help out financially. I am able to work part-time, usually while my children are sleeping. I was able to work right up to the day she was born and returned to work the following week and still be there to care for her, I cannot think of any other job that would have given me this freedom.

I know it took some time for me to get this to you, but I just want to thank you for providing a high-quality course at an affordable price. It has made a tremendous difference in my life.


Hello, Cheryl!

I want to take a moment to thank you for you referring me for a job. I found out last Friday that I passed their exam. I got a call this afternoon from the hiring coordinator to go over the details. They want to hire me!!!! I'm so delighted and I want to thank you for putting together such a wonderful course. The hiring coordinator told me that they hire a lot of CAI grads because they have a great success rate with them, and I'm proud to be a CAI grad. Next Tuesday I'll start training. Again, thank you so much, and have a wonderful day! Alexa Schneider

Dear Cheryl,

I just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a great and affordable course! When I started researching the courses out there, I was getting very frustrated because most of them were out of my price range, anywhere from $2000-$4000, mostly because they're selling you a ton of books that you don't need yet. The courses that were affordable were not recommended at all, and I was actually told to stay far away from a couple of them. Then, I found your course. It was affordble and came highly recommened by other graduates. I decided to take a chance and ordered your course. I am very, very happy that I did!

The books that came with the course were everything that I needed to finish the course. I didn't need the $2000 worth of books that other courses were sending. And what can I say about the doctor dictations....my hair is finally growing back! LOL They are frustrating, but they are also wonderful! If you can get through these, you can get through anything! These practice dictations definitely prepared me for anything I might run across while on the job. The book work is important, but so is the ability to understand the doctors under the worst conditions that could happen. You definitely made sure your graduates would be prepared for that! That training has come in handy a few times. I also loved the fact that if I had a question, you were always available. If I emailed you about something, you got back to me really quickly. Not once did I have to wait for a long period of time for a response from you.

I studied and practiced every day after receiving my course, and eight months later, I graduated from CAI with a 98%! As you know, I started working for you a month later. I am soooooo happy I took your course. I am now working from home doing something that I love and find very interesting. There is not a course out there that is better than yours. Yours IS the best out there, and it's affordable. I really feel blessed because I also get to work with you now. I love my job and wouldn't want to be working anywhere else.

Thank you again for providing such a great course that is affordable and works!. I am so glad I found you.

Tracy, CAI Grad

News from another one of your students. I took an employment exam last week and passed it. And just a few minutes ago, I received a call from their recruiter offering me a position. I begin working in two weeks.

Thank you for so much. Thank you for your affordably priced, real-world MT training course. And perhaps most important, thank you for being so accessible to this student. Your course is my foundation, and it is a strong foundation, but the ongoing work is up to me. I know I still have much to learn, but thanks to you, I feel ready for the upcoming challenges.

Today, I feel proud, happy, and anxious to begin my career as a fledgling Medical Transcriptionist.

Also, when I mentioned CAI to my recruiter, it was as if I had a stamp of approval. I don't know if she spoke with you, but she's certainly impressed with CAI. Hope I can add to CAI's great rep.

Janet, a proud CAI alum.

I started researching medical transcription courses about one year ago. I researched for about three months and decided on CAI. I did not have any experience with the medical field, typing, or even computers. I had only had a computer for about one year. I also could only type about 35 wpm when I first started. I had not typed anything since high school and that was over 20 years ago. I am telling this because if this is your dream then you can know it is possible.

I was only able to do this because of the affordable price and monthly payments. Without that it would not have been possible for me to do this. When the package arrived I was very happy to see that it was everything that was advertised on the web page. I wanted acute care dictation, and that is what the course has, I was happy to find the dictations to be hard.

The directions were easy to follow, and anytime I had a question I emailed Cheryl, and had an answer that day. I enjoyed studying and learning. After awhile I felt like I was learning enough to work from home. I knew that The Language of Medicine was one of the best books to learn medical terminology from and everything seemed to go smooth.

I decided to take the final test and passed. Cheryl offered me a job, and I am still in shock, and on cloud nine over that! I have a wonderful job working from home, and have made friends who also have taken the course, and are working for different companies from home. I am extremely happy that I picked CAI. It has been a very exciting and rewarding year for me.

Thank you Cheryl!

Mary Baker

In September I found out that I was pregnant with my first child. I immediately decided that I just had to find a way to work from inside of my home. I had heard of medical transcription before, but now it struck a brand new cord. I looked into the local community college for a transcription course, and was very disappointed to see how expensive it was. Looking for a more affordable option, I surfed around on the internet one day. The first few sites I found were really fancy, or busy, rather. Then I found CAI. Now, this site seemed so down to earth. Nice and simple, without a lot of small print words with possible hidden truths. Adding this with the affordably rare price, and my decision was made!

I sent off for my course feeling very excited, but to be honest, a little skeptical. CAI seemed to be too good to be true. There had to be a catch! A few weeks later I received my course in the mail. I opened it up, and examined it. I liked what I saw. Lots of books, which I love. I remember thinking, this was going to be a piece of cake! So I dove right in, and began my course. That's when I saw the catch! This was hard work! I had expected it to be easy, and was pretty surprised to find out otherwise. I knew right then that I had made the right choice in choosing CAI. Now, getting through it would be another story.

At first, I studied the course consistently, on a daily basis. Then about 2 months into it I reached a tough spot. I was so frustrated by the difficulty that I gave up for 3 whole months straight! I felt like a failure. After a while, I dusted off my books, and attempted it again. This time I was determined. My baby had been born now, and I knew that I'd need to go back to work soon. If I didn't finish this course I would surely have no choice, but to work outside of my home. I worked on finishing the course for endless hours. It was difficult with a new baby, but every bit of spare time I had was spent on the course. It became easier with time, and the practice tapes did too. I found myself understanding a lot more of what was being said, even the foreign accented doctors!

Finally, after much hard work, and failing the first exam, I finished the course and received my certificate of completion. Now this meant the world to me! I now had what I needed to enter the MT field and be able to work out of my home. The best thing about passing my final exam was that I received my certificate of completion on a Wednesday, and by that Saturday I received a job offer! Talk about amazing!

Now, I have been working for a few weeks and I love it! I just thank my lucky stars that I went through with everything and decided to make this wonderful career change, with the help of CAI! My job is a dream! I work in my home office, with my baby playing on the floor next to me, sometimes taking a moment to gaze out the window overlooking my backyard that is filled with trees and beauty. I take a deep breath in... and thank the universe for all that I have been blessed with.

Amber Anderson, Student/GRAD

Dear Cheryl,

I just wanted to let you know that when I finally got a job offer, I got 2 or 3 at once! I started working as an independent contractor at in May and I love it! I am so glad that I ordered and completed your course! I am planning to make medical transcription a lifelong career, and it is perfect because I can stay home with my kids (ages 5,2 and 1 month). It's also great because my husband is a banker, and the way the market changes, it is possible that we may have to move from time to time. Medical transcription allows me to work from wherever we live! Anyway, just wanted to give you an update on my MT situation. Thanks so much for your affordable, very comprehensive course. I realize how much I learned through your course now that I am employed in the profession. I couldn't have done it without you!

Melanie Trinkle

Just a note to any of you just beginning or wondering if this is the course you should begin with. I just graduated from Cheryl's course. I had a few contacts by email with her here and there throughout the course and she always responded very, very quickly. Now that I've graduated, I've had many more contacts with her and she's incredible with how quickly she responds back with the needed info, answered questions, wonderful advice, etc... I can't say enough about her business, as this is a very rare and wonderful service to find these days. She knows her business and REALLY CARES about her students. She'll do everything she can to help even after the course. Of course, she can't help us pass the tests if we don't know the material. But she's ready and willing to offer her knowledge, suggestions, and whatever is needed to help her grads succeed. This is the course to take if you're still trying to decide. Having free access and being able to read this board was a major factor in helping me decide to choose CAI. I'm anything but disappointed. It's a great course and Cheryl's a great instructor. There's many more out there who agree. Choose this course and you'll not be disappointed.

Claudia, CAI Grad
We completed Cheryl’s course and received notification that we had passed in early December. Once we got through the holidays, we decided that we wanted to embark on our own MT business. We did research on business formation in our state (Florida) and spoke with Cheryl and two other CAI graduates at length. By February, we had our business set up and we were ready to start transcribing. Throughout the nine months that our business has been operational, we have turned to Cheryl for guidance and as a sounding board on many occasions. Every time we have communicated with Cheryl, we have received an enormous amount of helpful information. Not only do we strongly feel that the CAI training course left us extremely well prepared as Medical Transcriptionists, but Cheryl and some of her former students have proven to be valuable resources for us as independent contractors. We would highly recommend the CAI training program for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a Medical Transcriptionist.

Nancy Schuster & Tina Rebis


I got a job!!!! yeah!!!!! I just wanted to thank you for all your help and for all you do for all of us. Your encouragement has meant a lot to me. The time you take putting the course together to taking care of your graduates is a phenomenal job!

The Lord has carried me through this course and to where I am today. I believe He puts you in contact with the right people who can in the end, give Him the glory. You have been one of those contacts.

Just know that you and your course have been a blessing in my life and I know you will continue to keep the blessings pouring for others to come. God bless you in all you do! I will keep in touch.

Monica Fowler

I would like to thank Cheryl for offering such a thorough course at such a reasonable price. It surely didn't take long for me to hear from the employer after completing their exam. I recently tested with them, and they called me yesterday offering me a job. I am really excited that I will be able to work from my own home.

For anyone out there looking for a career in Medical Transcription, I recommend this course. Read the Student Testimonials on the CAI website--you will see for yourself how many satisfied students there are, and you will see that most people end up with a job upon completion of the course. If you are a stay-at-home mom like me or just anyone out there who is looking for a new career with flexible hours, CAI can change your life for the better.


There are turning points in life that occur when you least expect them, and the fork in the road ahead of you looms ominously. On April 10 of this year, that happened to me; after 10 years of 55-hour workweeks, commuting 30 miles round-trip daily, and being "on call" on my time off, I, along with some coworkers, was downsized unceremoniously, without warning, out of my sales/operations job, being told, "We have no complaints, you've done a great job, sorry, it's the economy, yadda, yadda yadda."

All I can say is, WOO-HOO! Thank God it happened! To make a long story shorter, I stumbled upon the CAI site inadvertently, looking up a medical reference for my sister. A light went on, I stewed about it for a few days, then took the plunge and sent off for the course, and I'm not over-dramatizing when I say it has changed my life.

My ignorance of the medical field was appalling; I actually thought that the kidneys were in the posterior abdominal area, that "carotid arteries" were "corroded arteries" and couldn't locate the liver if you promised me an audience with the Pope and Mel Gibson; a complete medical-knowledge Neanderthal was I. Did that ever change.

If you're looking for an easy ride to a work-at-home opportunity, the CAI course is NOT what you're looking for. It is not easy, nor is it always fun, but then, nothing worth having in life ever comes easily. If you truly want it, hard work, determination, and a few less hair strands later, you CAN complete the course, you CAN pass, and you CAN embark on the rewarding career that you've always desired. The question is, "DO YOU WANT IT BADLY ENOUGH?"

If your answer is to the affirmative, then, my friend, go for it. Cheryl Izzo has developed a comprehensive, concise course for Medical Transcription that, with diligence and dedication, will have you fully prepared to enter the MT profession. I was hired for my first MT job before I even graduated. This is not recommended, but it was right for me and Cheryl supported me the whole way.

I am not being paid for this endorsement; I just want to share a good thing. Thank you, Cheryl, for a course that fulfilled all my expectations (and then some), made possible an MT career that is perfectly suited to my desires and needs, and didn't break my bank account. No more commuting, no more office politics, no more grumpy bosses looking over my shoulder. I am sitting in my study with a gorgeous view of my own property outside my plant-festooned window, at my own desk, with my dogs at my feet, soft classical music in the background and my favorite fig candle burning. How's that for "the old grind"?!

I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend your course to anyone and everyone who has the desire for an MT career. Don't waste your life wishing: "Nothing will come of nothing."---William Shakespeare, "King Lear" (Act I, Scene I).

Gail L. Choate "Catholicbabe, Pax Christi, TX


Where do I begin? I am sooooooo excited about my new job. Thank you so much for putting me in touch with this company. They are wonderful to work for. You and the CAI transcription course were a dream come true for me. The summer before I odered the course, I was laid-off from a job I had for 15 years at an insurance company. The funny thing is that I didn't even realize how stressfull that job was until I was forced to stop doing it. I relaxed for a while, but soon became concerned because I had NEVER in my life been unemployed before. Now I found myself not wanting to go back to a 9-5 office job working for someone else's bottom line and being over worked and under appreciated. It was scary, but I started looking for other options. Eventually, I stumbled on other websites offering medical transcription courses. I really wasn't very impressed with some and the prices for others were just way outrageous! Then someone recommended the CAI transcription course to me. It came highly recommended from a person who had already been working as a transcriptionist before taking the course and she thought it was great. I have to say I couldn't agree more. The relatively small investment I made in this course was the best decision I have made in a long time. The course itself is challenging and gave me the knowledge and experience to feel confident in my ability to do this for a living. Your support and assistance in obtaining a medical transcription job was just as invaluable to me. It is amazing, and a tribute to your dedication, how many companies waive their experience requirement for graduates of the CAI transcription course. Now I'm working at home for a national transcription company and LOVING every minute of it! The flexibility and satisfaction of working on my own from home are more than I could have hoped for.




To Prospective Students:

Let me start by saying I did several months of research before deciding to order the CAI course. I definitely made the right choice. Cheryl and her staff put together a very thorough and well organized course, which is reasonably priced.

I was looking for a work-at-home opportunity that would allow me to stay home with my newborn son. This course allowed me to study at home at my own pace. When I felt I was ready to proceed I would do so, if I needed more time in one area that was okay too. This was definitely a plus. Additionally, Cheryl was always there when I had any questions. (She must have gotten sick of my emails.) This is in no way an easy course but if you are determined and are willing to devote the time to studying it is a great investment.

After completing the test Cheryl provided me with several companies who hire CAI graduates and also different ideas for marketing myself at an MT. It did take me a while to find a job after I passed the test but I did finally get one. I have now been working for almost 9 months and I love what I am doing. I am able to stay home and raise my son while earning an income.

Thank you to Cheryl and her staff for providing a great course.

Pam G., New Jersey

Hi Cheryl,

I truly feel that I made the right decision in choosing your course for learning medical transcription skills. I feel that I am very well prepared to start my new job.

Thank you so much for helping all your students learn a new skill at such a reasonable cost. The course materials were excellent and challenging, and I would not hesitate to recommend CAI to anyone seeking training in medical transcription.

Your fast and friendly response to my emails has always been appreciated, too. Thanks for everything.

Please feel free to use all or part of this letter for a testimonial for your course.

Mary Bowman

Dear Cheryl,
I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! I was offered a position as a QA specialist as a new graduate! The hiring coordinator told me more than once during my conversations with her that they hire more people from CAI than any other course, and I am proud to say I am one of their new hires! I put in my resignation today, and will be starting for them in three weeks in QA. I know that I might eventually make more money doing transcription, but this is the perfect fit for us now, I'll still be training my "ear", and in a little over three months, I will be able to be home with our daughter full-time!

I've told you this many times, but your course is something I wouldn't trade for anything. It is obvious that it is, unequivocally, THE BEST COURSE to prepare you for a job in medical transcription. I can't thank you enough!

And to any potential students, if you have the drive, desire and discipline, YOU CAN DO THIS! Don't EVER give up on your dreams. I am living proof that they do come true!

Dianna Barnett

Hi all future MTs:

Just wanted to say something about the CAI course. It prepared me to be a good MT and am very happy I took it.

One thing I feel that is important is lots and lots of patience. It takes a lot of time to be a good medical transcriptionist. So, do not beat up on yourself when you cannot hear correctly or miss words or can't make something out.

Cheryl's class gives you pretty rough doctor dictation which is hard for everyone so you are not alone in that regard. Just go along and do what she tells you. If I had to redo the class I would spend less time on the LOM and more time on the dictation as with spellcheckers and dictionaries you get plenty of help with spelling - I don't feel there is a lot of need to memorize the spellings.

I have a job now and can work from home and do clinic work - not hospital work - which I prefer for now. It is wonderful to work at home especially in the winter months when roads are bad. You will need some good spellcheckers and some good drug books - I use to get nervous when doctors would give me a medicine but now with a good book it is no big deal.

Stick with it is the key to success. I did my doctor dictations 3 times before I took the test and maybe you may want to do it that many too or more - each time you hear a little bit better. It took me around 6 months - I was not in any hurry - I worked part time as a paraprofessional while I took the course so I would say I studied late afternoons and evenings and weekends.

Anyway, good luck to all of you, and I feel there is a real need out there for good MTs.

Sincerely, Barb Anschutz

Just wanted to say thank you for such a thorough course. I was seeking a course that would prepare me for the real world of MT and this one really did. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I was recently hired by Medquist and they are happy with CAI graduates. I will tell anyone that CAI is a very good foundation to build upon.


Hi Cheryl
I want to take this time to thank you for all your help. I would like to say that I feel that the CAI course is a very well rounded course. It is challenging and interesting. It takes a lot of studying and dedication, but the end-results are well worth it. The dictation part of the course was, at times, very challenging but certainly prepares you for the "real world." It took eight months to complete the course as I was allowed to go at my own pace and not have to worry about any time limit in finishing. I then took and passed the final exam. I am happy to say that I have accepted an offer from a small, up-and-coming national transcription company. I am looking forward to starting my new venture. I had also tested with an employer and passed their test. The recruiter said you trained us well. Thank you again for all your help and guidance. I will keep you posted.

Lynn Ceccarelli
Hi Again Cheryl
Just wanted to update you on my new job. I started last week and everything is going pretty good. I have been assigned 3 doctor accounts for now. They are easy to understand (most of the time), and I enjoy transcribing for them. The office staff is wonderful and helpful with any questions.

They have already pushed me up to the next pay rate for line counts - we count gross lines - which I thought was great. They said I am very good with the medical terminology and medications.

Thank you again so much for this referral to this company and getting me started in the real world. I can't believe I am actually doing this and loving it too!

Lynn Ceccarelli

Here is the update on my search for a job. In the last e-mail, I mentioned to you that I had an interview scheduled with a transcriptions company. Even though I decided not to go with that company, I'm happy to let you know that everything went well. They tested me on medical terminology, drug names, and then gave me an actual dictation to transcribe. I knew right away I wouldn't do well on drug names -- I didn't even think to review the manual on drug names when I was preparing for the interview. However, the interviewer told me that I did real well on the actual report and that's the important part. They were interviewing other candidates, but they were definitely interested in hiring me. But I found out that they actually wanted a full-time in-house transcriptionist -- I only want part-time -- and the fact that the place was 45 minutes away by car, I decided to look for something closer. The whole interview / test process was an excellent experience. I must say this -- as I was taking the test, I kept thinking this is exactly like CAI course, and because of the training, I was able to take the test with confidence. And as I left the interview, I felt like I do have a marketable skill to offer, and that is a great confidence booster. Then just today, I received a call from the director of a transcription department of a major hospital in Kansas City. Even though I mailed my resume and cover letter two weeks ago, she said she just got it yesterday. She said they generally do not hire people without experience, but she felt that with my schooling and language field background (I've been teaching English as a Second Language for 7 years as well as proofreading for a close caption company) she wanted to give me an opportunity. I'm to go in when convenient, fill out an application, and take the typing test. She said she'll inform the HR about me. So this means I've sent out four sets of resume and cover letter, and I've got 3 responses already. I got the names of medical records directors of 3 more hospitals, so I plan to sent them my portfolio (it includes my resume, cover letter, samples of the medical reports I did, and a copy of my medical terminology test scores) as well. I will keep you posted, but I did want you to know that, especially after my interview, I truly feel like your course provided me with exactly what I need to be competitive in this field. Thank you. I also want to thank you for your availability, too. It's nice to feel the support.

Diana Wise

UPDATE - Diana Wise
I have very good news: I got a job! It took 4 interviews (one over the phone, three in person), but this job suits my circumstance perfectly. I was hired by a small company called Transcription Unlimited, Inc. Before I was officially hired, they did ask me to take a test. There were four parts. First page was a medical abbreviations test. There were about 30 abbreviations, and all except one were abbreviations I studied in CAI course. Then there was a spelling test. There were about 40 words listed, and of those, 11 were spelled incorrectly. I had to identify those, and provide the right spelling. The third page tested my grammar. There were about 20 sentences, and I had to correct the punctuations, spelling, etc. The last part was transcribing an actual doctor dictation. The woman that called to officially offer me the job said that everything looked real good on my test. It's nice to know that I was hired on merit, not charity or something like that (smile).

Diana Wise

Hi, Cheryl:

I wanted to let you know that I found your course to be excellent. The material is easy to follow, the course allows each student to learn at his or her own pace and with the payment plans that you offer, it is the most affordable.

I was hesitant to order the course in the beginning, but am glad that I did. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested.

Thank you,
Justine V., Lakleand, FL

Dear Cheryl, Thank you for providing an outstanding, comprehensive medical transcription course. I recently tested with an employer, and found out today that I passed! Now I can work from home, which has been my goal. CAI provided everything I needed, including those difficult Dr. dictations that I hated, but am now thankful for.

Thank you again for helping me to accomplish my goal. I couldn't have done it without you!


After a short medical career, I got married and had a baby girl. I decided to stay at home with my baby. As time went by I realized how much I missed working and medicine in general. I then thought about medical transcription and how I could work a few hours at home, be home with my little girl, and still have a medical career. I literally did weeks of research on the internet to find the best medical transcription program for me. I felt so comfortable making an educated decision. Cheryl was very friendly and helpful. It took me a few months to complete the course. I now have a job with a wonderful company!

Joanna Steinke

Hi Cheryl,
I just wanted to let you know that I got a job working from home for a local transcription service! I was in the middle of taking the final exam when I was called for an interview. They were very impressed with the test they had me take. Your course helped me tremendously. I don't think I would be where I am today if I hadn't completed it. Thank you for such a wonderful program!

Jennifer Fahey

First, let me say that I researched MT courses long enough to be finished and working somewhere by now. I searched for work-at-home opportunities only to finally realize that nothing worthwhile or longterm or legitimate comes overnight. I received your course about a week ago and am now into Chapter 3. I am impressed with what I received. I like the fact that your course comes all at once. I love the fact that it all depends on me. I have found the workbook to be quite good in helping me to learn and remember the information. I have found the course to be very reasonably priced. I appreciate the fact that you really do answer your email and you answer it in a timely fashion. I can tell even now that I will be reaping the benefits of your course for a lifetime. Thank you for that!

Karen Matthews

Dear Cheryl,

I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a wonderful course at an affordable price. You have been great about answering all of my questions and concerns. I really appreciate the encouragement you gave me when I was ready to give up. Thanks to you, and this course, I have been offered a job with a local hospital in the medical transcription department. I would like to tell anyone that is thinking of taking this course to go for it! I did a lot of searching before I ordered CAI's course and I'm glad I went with CAI. The student support, along with Cheryl's, can't be beat. It's a great course to give you the skills needed to get started as an MT. As with anything, there is always more to learn, but this is a great place to start.

Thanks again,
Talenia Baldwin/Texas

Dear Cheryl:
I recently became a student in your program. I am a health professional who decided to stay home with my 8 month old daughter. Your program appealed to me because it is to the point. I did not have to pay for a lot of extras I don't need in order to get the real education I desire.

The books and reference materials included with the course are perfect and very helpful. All good educational programs need to offer support programs and yours does a great job of it!

Sincerely, Val R.

Dear CAI,

When I became interested in a career in Medical Transcription and I got on the internet and researched several different courses that are out there. The courses varied anywhere from price to how many hours of dictation the course would consist of. The reasons why I chose CAI were because this was a course that I could do from my home and still work, the price, and I was impressed by the CAI website. The website presented the entire course to me without there being any hidden surprises. I was very impressed by the fact that I emailed Cheryl with questions about the course and she responded to me within a day.

The course was easy to follow and was still challenging at the same time. The course took me about 4 1/2 months to complete and I was still working full time as well.

I have recently recevied a wonderful job offer to do Medical Transcription from my home.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in a career in Medical Transcription!

Thank you Cheryl & CAI!


When looking for an at home Medical Transcription course, I did a lot of research on a lot of courses. I am so glad I chose CAI. Cheryl's knowledge and experience are very evident. She gives you everything you need to become a Medical Transcriptionist at a very affordable price. Cheryl is also very committed to helping you meet your goals. Her e mails are always prompt and friendly. Thank you Cheryl for a great course. It was a wonderful experience I would highly recommend to anyone seriously interested in becoming a Medical Transcriptionist.

Holly Baranyk

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you so much for putting together such a great course for such a reasonable price! I learned everything I needed to know to not only pass the Medquist test but to also land a great MT job with a local doctor. It took me about a year and a half to finish the course to my satisfaction, mainly due to the fact that I work full time and studied in my spare time. I passed the course but at that time I did not have the confidence in myself to test for a job. I decided to make use of the mentoring program that is available. By the time I finished the three months of mentoring, I had the confidence I needed and was ready to work. Cheryl, you are a great mentor and I'm glad I took your course. It has opened a whole new world for me and I am loving it.

Frances Furry

Well, just wanted to write a little bit about my experience of becoming a medical transcriptionist. I took Cheryl's course because someone told me it was a very excellent and informative course, so I did. And let me tell you, I'm very happy with the results. The course was easy to follow, however, I'm not going to tell you it was a breeze, because it wasn't! It was very hard work but if you keep your mind to it, and have patience, like Cheryl told me, you will eventually get through. Also, I will tell you, don't go at the course like I did. I skipped about 2 weeks of doing any work, and I paid for that. I had to really work hard and go back over some stuff before I could move on. But overall, this course is a very excellent course and I would refer anyone to take this course.

Another piece of advice I will give you is not to get discouraged during your job hunt after you have completed the course. It has taken me about 2 months to actually accept a job. But don't give up and apply to as many jobs out there that you can! I found the internet searches to be very helpful in finding a job. I have recently accepted a job for a company out of Missouri, which I was referred to by CAI and I should be starting in about 2 weeks. Like I said before, anyone who is interested in becoming an MT, you should seriously take and finish this course. Thanks again Cheryl for all of the wonderful help that you have provided for me. Without you I wouldn't have received this job offer or even made it through an MT course.


Katie Skaggs

Hi Cheryl,

I just wanted to let you know that I have been hired. I feel a lot better about going into this field now, since I did very well on their test (97). I told my recruiter that her test was much easier than yours, and she said CAI really prepared its students for the workplace, and that CAI students were much more likely to pass their exam than other students. In fact, she said their exam is geared for transcriptionists with 2-3 years of experience! That's a great compliment to you. You really do prepare us well for this work!

Again, thanks so much for all your help. I truly feel fortunate that I chose CAI. Please feel free to use this letter as a recommendation for your course.


Hi Cheryl,

I can't tell you how happy I am that I chose CAI as my choice of home study courses. I have wanted to be a medical transcriptionist for a few years now but could never find a course I could afford. One day I was talking to my sister, who is a medical transcriptionist, telling her how bad I wanted to take a course so I could do the same thing. She told me about a site where they had a list of schools that offered home courses. I went to the site the same day and started looking at all the schools and still didn't think I could afford to take a course, some of them were $3,800.00 which I knew I couldn't afford, then I saw the link for CAI and went to check it out and compare it to the other schools. I then called my sister and told her what the course offered and she said, they are offering the same things I get at my school and for the price I don't think you can go wrong by taking this course. The very next day I sent my order off and within a couple of weeks I had the course and was ready to begin my studies.

When I first started I thought, oh my god what have I gotten myself into, there isn't any way I'll learn all of this on my own, but I stuck with it and got through the book, sent off for my test and low and behold I passed it on the first try. I can't tell you how excited I was that that had happened. I then immediately started sending out applications to differenct companies with little response. I called Cheryl and told her the problems I was having and she told me some companies to try. I followed her advice and it took a few months but with Cheryl's help I finally found the company I am going to work for in a few weeks. I can't wait to get started working for this company, it sounds absolutely wonderful.

Cheryl, I can't tell you how supportive you were through the course and in finding employment and how much I appreciated you being there for me. There was not a time that I called you or e-mailed you that you didn't get right back with me. I never had to wait and wonder if I'd ever hear from you. You told me everytime I talked to you, don't get discouraged the right job will come along and you were so right. Thank you for everything you have done and for making this course possible for those of us who can't afford those more expensive schools. This course gave us everything we need to become job ready and then some.

If anyone is looking for a course to take, that is affordable, gives you everything you need to be able to go to work after you take the final exam, this is the course for you. If anyone would like to contact me and get more information please feel free to do so at any time. I will get back to you right away and give you any information you ask for. In my book you can't go wrong with this course, you get wonderful support from Cheryl through the whole process and she sticks with you until you find a job.

Again, thank you Cheryl for everything you have done, I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you.

Holly E. Shepherd
Flora Vista, NM

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your medical transcription course. The content of your course included just the right balance of material to prepare your students for becoming well qualified transcriptionists. Upon completing your course I was hired by a family clinic and am transcribing medical reports for 12 different doctors. It has been a challenging, but rewarding experience for me.

I certainly appreciated all the extra tips and advice you provided. It definitely gave me the encouragement I needed to believe in myself and to not quit when I first heard the actual physician's dictation!
Thanks for everything!

Mary Modlin

Hi Cheryl!

I am more than happy to have the chance to let other MT "wannabes" know what a terrific course you have created. You have helped me to fullfil my dream of working at home. This is especially important to me because I homeschool my children. I no longer have to spend precious time driving to a job.

For anyone considering the CAI course, I highly recommend it! I am now working for a national company, and the training I received through Cheryl's course is priceless. I would find it very hard to believe that any other course out there could so fully prepare a person for employment as the CAI course does. As I told Cheryl, my account includes a lot of doctors from all over the world, and I am so grateful that she had the wisdom to include so many doctors from other countries in the course. I would have been totally lost without that prior experience!

One other thing I would like to add is that I am now making more money than I ever have before, and I never have to leave home! Anyone considering a career in medical transcription should look no further than CAI. It is affordable and will definitely prepare you for a job. I hope this helps anyone who is having trouble deciding on a course. You don't need to look any more! This is the one to get!!!

Becky Lee
Mountain Home, AR

Hello Cheryl,

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful course! I have been offered a job with one of the MT companies you referred me to. I was in total shock! When I took their test, I was in tears. I was sooo nervous, but your course and especially the doc. dic. really prepared me. This is my dream job. I can work from home and also work when I want. I will be able to be home with my baby after it is born. I hope I can do well at this as I am still a little nervous about everything. I am so glad that I took the CAI Transcription course. Thank you for all your support and advice. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Beth Gibson

This is a fantastic course. It will provide you with what you need to achieve your goal of becoming a working MT.

I researched many different courses but could not make up my mind. I looked at the high priced courses and the low priced courses and kept notes to compare them. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I found Cheryl's website (CAI Transcription). After reading the information I knew immediately that I wanted to take her course. It sounded so extensive yet doable as well. It wouldn't take me forever to complete (especially if you also work) yet would provide me with the necessary skills I needed to become an MT.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am so glad I went this route. Cheryl was always there to answer my questions. Most times she responded within mere minutes with my answer and she always had encouragement and excellent advice. She is what makes this course so fantastic. She knows what she is talking about and is there to support you. You feel like you have her undivided attention - even better than an actual classroom.

I have been testing with various companies and have passed the MedQuist test and have a few offers on the burner. I couldn't have done it without this course and the excellent support Cheryl provided. I highly recommend this course.

Heather Walsh


I wanted to take this time to send you a testimonial regarding the training course you offer. I completed the course in about ten months and passed the exam. My dream came true when I was hired after passing their employment test and started working for them, from my home, last month! For anyone who is considering a medical transcription training course, I would highly recommend CAI Transcription. It provided me with the training I needed at a cost I could afford. You are wonderful and always responded the same day anytime I had a question, and you have continued to be there for any questions I have had even after I completed the course. You also have a wonderful message board that provided a great opportunity to talk with other students. I never felt that I was "out there alone". Your course has allowed me to achieve my goal and do a job I love and still be home for my children!! I thank you so much for the great course and the help that you offer!


Update for Elaine

Hi Cheryl:

I just wanted to check in with you and let you know how I am doing because I am so thankful and happy to have the job I have and be able to be home to do it. I love it and have referred at least three more people to your course. You were always so helpful to me and I appreciated it and wanted to check in again to let you know. This truly has been a dream come true for me. I am still working on getting faster, but I can progressively see improvement and know that I will get even faster. Once again, thank you for offering your course and being so helpful. May God bless you.

Elaine McCullough, CAI Grad

Hi all future MTs:

Just wanted to say something about the CAI course. It prepared me to be a good MT and am very happy I took it.

One thing I feel that is important is lots and lots of patience. It takes a lot of time to be a good medical transcriptionist. So, do not beat up on yourself when you cannot hear correctly or miss words or can't make something out.

Cheryl's class gives you pretty rough doctor dictation which is hard for everyone so you are not alone in that regard. Just go along and do what she tells you. If I had to redo the class I would spend less time on the LOM and more time on the dictation as with spellcheckers and dictionaries you get plenty of help with spelling - I don't feel there is a lot of need to memorize the spellings.

I have a job now and can work from home and do clinic work - not hospital work - which I prefer for now. It is wonderful to work at home especially in the winter months when roads are bad. You will need some good spellcheckers and some good drug books - I use to get nervous when doctors would give me a medicine but now with a good book it is no big deal.

Stick with it is the key to success. I did my doctor tapes 3 times before I took the test and maybe you may want to do it that many too or more - each time you hear a little bit better. It took me around 6 months - I was not in any hurry - I worked part time as a paraprofessional while I took the course so I would say I studied late afternoons and evenings and weekends.

Anyway, good luck to all of you, and I feel there is a real need out there for good MTs.

Sincerely, Barb Anschutz

For everyone considering taking CAI's medical transcription course, coming from one happy graduate, you'll be very thankful you did. Cheryl exceeded my expectations above and beyond in her support and encouragement throughout the entire course. I would hardly hit 'send' on an email to her and I'd have a response. I was amazed at the personal, one-on-one attention she gives.

I have just been hired at my first MT position and I'm ecstatic! I surprised myself at how well I did on the testing with the company. I really saw how taking advantage on her course and all of the hard work paid off. The woman that hired me said she was impressed at how well I did for someone so new and that the course I took must have been a really good one.

Its hard work and you may want to give up at times like I did, especially on hearing the first actual doctor dictations...but hang in there. It is SOOOO worth it in the end. The freedom and flexibility being an MT will bring is priceless. Cheryl's course is the most complete, personal, fastest and reasonably priced course out there, I looked at quite a few before choosing hers and I am so thankful I did!

Thanks so much Cheryl for your course and your help along the way. I'll let you know how my first day of work goes!!

Brooke Curtis, one more happy CAI grad!


I would like to say "Thank You" so much for providing a course for Medical Transcription that is affordable, complete, and comprehensive. The materials provided were so helpful. I even enjoyed coloring the anatomy book. I would like anyone who wants to train for a career as an MT to know that they have come to the right place. I did a lot of research on courses offered by many other places and none compared in price or completeness. I was pleasantly surprised to have my e-mailed questions always answered within hours not days, by a very friendly and helpful Cheryl. This course is a lot of work especially for someone not already in the medical fields, but keep at it and it begins to make sense.

Having just passed my final test, I am on the road to being able to work from home and being able to take the pressure off my husband, who is ill and can now retire and not worry.
Thanks again...

April Baker

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