Why Choose CAI?

Choosing a medical transcription training course can be quite confusing for most people since they do not know exactly what is necessary to train for this profession coupled with the fact that there are no concrete guidelines to follow. Many courses today take advantage of that fact and add a lot of unnecessary components to justify their high price.

We have over 25 years of experience in all areas of this profession. Our experience, expertise, and years of knowledge have gone into the development of this course. We know exactly what you will need to become a qualified, productive medical transcriptionist; there is no confusion. Many skeptical students were surprisingly pleased with what they received for their money and there is always our 7-day money back guarantee providing you with further assurance.

The course is a complete quality course. You do not have to invest any extra money into books, software, or equipment. We are up front with what you will receive, provide you with everything necessary to train to become work ready, and we are there for you every step of the way from the start of your training right up through the job placement process upon completion. We teach you from experience and do not make any promises or guarantees we cannot keep. You receive personal one on one contact with the director of the course and we do not hand you off to a barrage of different people. There are no phone menus to contend with and your email correspondence is answered promptly, usually within an hour or so. We strive to not only provide you with the best possible training, but to also provide you with any assistance you may need during that training. We are not a hard sell business and we invest the majority of your tuition directly into the course and service you receive rather than on costly advertising or expensive web sites to promote our course. Many times consumers think the more you get, the better it is. Well, this may be so when you're buying a product, but not education. What counts is not only the quality of the education itself, but in today's fast paced technological society, real live support you can count on. CAI represents that; quality education coupled with support you can count on. Also, unlike many courses, we do not include any wasteful components in the course, so we can charge you a higher price.

We also do not use marketing techniques like offering different courses or levels. This is a common practice if your main goal is to make a sale. We only teach one course and that's medical transcription. We also do not promote other medical transcription businesses or organizations by having their links on our web site to look that much more impressive. Our course is also approved by the Department of Education; the same institution that licenses your K-12 schools, vocational schools, and universities. We go through a rigorous renewal process each and every year thus ensuring you the best education possible. At CAI, we would rather lose a prospective student than offer you a course that provides minimal training. In our professional opinion, there is only one way to learn this. There should not be options like basic course, better, or best.

The majority of MT service companies that hire at home workers will test you prior to hiring. Our course more than prepares you to successfully pass that testing and we have proven that time and time again with so many national service companies hiring our graduates over the past 16 years, commenting on the high scores our graduates receive on employment testing.

Our course comes as a whole. We do not sell it in units or modules. Offering a course in units or modules can sometimes be very counterproductive. What we give you is "everything" regardless if you pay in full or opt for a payment plan. From experience, you can't complete a course with partial instructions or reference materials. It should be done as a whole working from one part right into the next; not having to wait for the next portion to arrive or worse yet, not being able to pay for the next portion due to unforseen circumstances. We send you the whole course thus allowing you to look over the "whole" program for seven days before you decide whether this is right for you and we charge a one-time shipping/handing fee of $35.00.

Our course was developed by a 25-year veteran of the profession, who to date also operates her own national medical transcription service offering many opportunities for graduates to work directly for the service following graduation. We also work along with many medical transcription service companies across the country, who have tested and placed our graduates over the past 16 years. Many have waived their experience requirement for CAI graduates and will test you upon referral. Most graduates test very well and are placed in at home positions within a short period of time following graduation.

This course is not offered by someone selling "how to books", but by someone who has worked in every aspect of this profession. All specialties and body systems are covered in the course. Electronic correction online is included for immediate correction and continuous training; no waiting to receive your corrected reports in the mail and no deadlines are given with respect to each section of the course. This allows you to comfortably progress at your own speed and allows you to pace your training according to your own schedule.

All reference materials and books are included in your training course, as well as online. Many courses may include a substantial variety of books. This does not necessarily mean you will use all of these books, but it does mean you will pay for all of these books. Many can be specialty books that you may never use again once you finish your training. Our books and reference materials are designed to use throughout your training and will continue to use right into the actual work aspect. Many times you can purchase a book on your own for a fraction of what a course is including it. Also, many books are updated quite frequently, even every year, so when it comes time to begin working, you would have to purchase the updated version costing you money that could be better spent on other materials you may need upon entering the work force.
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Service and Support

As we state above, we offer service and support throughout your training and upon successful completion of the course. We can fully relate to our students because we are medical transcriptionists, have been through similar training, and have years of experience in the field. The director continues to work in this field as an MT service owner allowing us to provide the most up to date resource information, technology with relation to equipment, job opportunities, and to provide you with good sound advice that you can rely on. We take time with each and every call or email we receive. The director takes a personal interest when it comes to each and every student. We also do not keep any students or graduates waiting when they need our assistance.

Our primary goal in developing this course was not profit, but to fulfill a need. This need was expressed time and time again by those wanting so desperately to train for this profession. The majority of the time it was either because a mom wanted to stay home with the children or someone was handicapped and could not work outside of the home. We soon realized this need was not being met because of the high prices being charged by many schools or the ridiculously low prices being charged by those just looking to sell a course. Because of that specific reason, the director developed this program that would not only adequately train you to work immediately following completion, but a program that could be totally affordable.

Because our primary goal was not profit driven, our support of each and every student reflects just that. We realize the hardship of paying for any training course and we aim to provide you with any and all assistance you may need along the way to get you to that ultimate goal of becoming employed as an at home medical transcriptionist. We not only removed the expense, but also the risk. Our reputation with former graduates, present students, and many employers is a reflection of our pledge to provide you with the best educational tools along with the support you may need along the way.

We provide job placement assistance upon graduation. Although no one can guarantee anyone a job, we have achieved a 98% placement rate of our graduates in at home positions. We have many nationally based companies who test our grads and waive experience requirements.

What Will I Need to Get Started?

Everything is included with your course in order to successfully accomplish your goal of becoming a work ready transcriptionist, except a computer and we do highly recommend an updated computer (less than five years old) since you will be eventually using this computer in the real MT world. You would also be required to have Internet access, as well as a sound card, Windows, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (browser), and a USB port to plug in your foot pedal.There is no special software required other than a word processing program for you to complete the final exam such as, Microsoft Word. We don't want you to spend any extra money on these things since most of the time the company you wind up working for uses a specific program and sometimes provides you with a program.

The course is comprised of book work, but the audio portion will be online for immediate download. As we talked about prior, this is the most technically up-to-date type of file (digital files) and you will need a computer based transcriber, which we do include in the course.

We require students to have the ability to type at least 45 wpm proficiently and have a HS diploma or GED, and good spelling/punctuation, grammar skills. That's it! There is absolutely nothing else required to get started and complete this course.

How Does the Testing Process Work?

Although, most would imagine that there would be lesson deadlines to meet within your overall completion time frame, it is prudent that you refine independent work skills and also become familiar with delegating time allowances throughout your day to facilitate completion of the course. These skills are expected to be refined during the training process, not the work process. We also feel that if you have lesson deadlines to meet, you are no longer able to study according to your own schedule; this would defeat the purpose. We do include a variety of tests. We also include self-explanatory instructions. This has worked for the past 16 years producing work ready MTs whom we have placed in jobs around the country.

There is a mandatory examination upon completion of the transcription section. This is necessary in order for you to obtain a certificate of completion or diploma, which is key to gaining employment. This certificate attests that you have the ability to sufficiently begin working in this profession. You also need to pass this in order to use our school name as your source of training. The fee for this exam is $89.00. We do not include this in the core price of the course, as we feel that you should not have to pay for something you have not received. We grade your work just as a teacher would if you were attending a physical school.

Upon receiving a satisfactory grade, your certificate is issued and you can be assured that we have the qualifications, experience, and credentials to back up any recommendation we provide. This exam also provides us with the opportunity to evaluate your work readiness in order for us to refer you to national companies, who have recruited our graduates for at home placement over the past 16 years. Following that evaluation, if we feel that you are capable and ready for placement testing, we will be happy to assist you with referrals for employment positions.
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